Enquiring minds want to know.

Watchdog: ACORN Back With 174 Rebranded Affiliates

Remember when Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) supposedly disbanded in the wake of the James O’Keefe-Hannah Giles video investigation showing ACORN, a largely government-funded entity, helping people they thought to be pimps and prostitutes avoid tax penalties for engaging in sex trafficking?

They’re back. (Actually they never left. Why would they? They have the power and authority of the POTUS and the federal government on their side.)

Natural mystery solved: That wasn’t a tsunami that devastated Japan in March

That was two tsunamis that merged far out at sea and rolled swiftly toward shore, more than 135 feet high.

That means the speeding wall of water was almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty, torch to toes

The Japanese engineers successfully built the Nuclear Power Plant to withstand the worst earthquake possible, thats what they got, and it survived. They built the seawall around the plant to stop the worst Tsunami in their history, then they got a fluke merging of TWO tsunamis that was larger than anything they could have imagined or planned for…that’s why you always need a plan “B”. 

In this case, plan B could have been a backup plan to supply power for the reactor cooling pumps, or simply a decision to move the diesel backup generators out of the basement where they were flooded.

Following Japans decision this week to shut down all Nuclear Plants in their country, including the unaffected and undamaged ones, I hope they have a good Plan B to replace the lost electric power generation.  Germany made the same decision this month, with far less of a reason. But Germany has many other countries on their borders able and willing to supply the lost generated power, ironically much of the replacement power will be generated by nuclear reactors.

What will Japan do?

NYPD: 9 shooting bystander victims hit by police gunfire

Oh for Gods sake!  More and more I am coming to the conclusion that the public union police, especially in big cities, are counterproductive and too damn expensive. And in this case, obviously not very well trained in the use of firearms.


Murphy’s Laws of Police Operations

By Donald Sensing Nine New Yorkers shot by cops (less than half the bullets hit the target from a reported ten feet away.)

comments therein:   Anonymous said… For years I have laughed at the assertion that only police should be allowed to carry handguns because they are trained professionals.

Consider a 2×2 box. Along one axis is Authority, ow & High. Along the other is Accountability, also Low & High.

Cops operate in a sweet spot: High Authroity, Low Accountability. When they screw up, i.e., shoot innocent bystanders, they don’t pay. The taxpayers do, via the govt entity sued.

Civilian CCWers operate in the opposite corner: Low Authority, High Accountability.

Who do you think will exercise more discretion concerning the use of deadly force?

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