Lazy Sunday post, with cartoons.

Meet Robojelly, the Hydrogen-Powered Jellyfish-Shaped Immortal Underwater Surveillance Robot

A new robotic jellyfish is powered by hydrogen, and could theoretically never run out of energy as it pulses through the sea. It’s designed to work as a search and rescue or surveillance ‘bot for the U.S. Navy.

It’s breaking and entering for dummies.

Picture the Homeless, a Bronx nonprofit that has received at least $240,000 in taxpayer money in the last five years, is giving a crash course on squatting — and city-owned buildings are a prime target.

Andres Perez held a teach-in on how to wrest “control” of vacant apartments. He called it “homesteading.”

No question in the  minds of many that there is a full blown WAR being waged on the productive and wealth producing classes. If you work, run a business or own property you have to worry, every day, about someone stealing, or inventing new taxes or mandatory fees (another form of taxes). If you survive all that then at some time you can reasonably expect the Congress or one of their minions e.g. The EPA, to find some other way of shutting you down.

Everyone out of the pool?

Every year, federal government bureaucrats work hard to come up with some 80,000 pages of new and proposed regulations. That’s a lot of pages — 23 feet high if you stack them in one pile. 

One rule that just went effect, which you can find by flipping to page 56,236 of the 2010 regulations, will require all hotels with a pool — or a hot tub — to install wheelchair accessible ramps or lifts into the water…

The lifts are intrusive — we’ll start to see a lot of devices like thisaround pools. Miller estimates that his renovations, already underway, will cost $40,000

No, what we will see (almost immediately) is no pools or spas at smaller, economy motels and hotels.

When you watch the old movies do you ever wonder why you never stay at hotels with diving boards or with pools more than four feet deep? I remember traveling with my family to visit cousins in Ohio during the 1950’s and staying at a motel with a diving board. It was a lot of fun.

You can't do much in a four foot deep pool.

I’ve seen postcards for sale at some hotels, (the wish you were here type), showing that very hotel but the photos were twenty or thirty years old. In the postcard, there are diving boards, with laughing guests and happy children. Walk out to the pool area today, no diving boards, and lounge chairs around the shallow pool are filled with sullen teens with ear buds and iPods. The little kids are still enjoying the pool, for now.

The last time we took a road trip was in 2003, my mom wanted to be in Disney World in Florida when her granddaughter went there for the first time. And she refused to fly. I’d have thought that hotels in tourist areas would have pretty nice pools, but in Charlestown, NC and Orlando, FL it was the same thing. Six inch deep jacuzzi and four foot deep pools. Unnecessary to mention… there was no diving board.

High insurance rates and expensive Federal, State and local regulations are in part to blame, but those are not the only reasons. I read a article by Sen. John Frist, a lot of the reason we don’t see these items anymore is because of out-of-control jury awards to anyone injured in a hotel pool, or drowned in a jacuzzi. That sign the hotel management puts on the gate around the swimming area isn’t sufficient to protect the diving board manufacturer or the hotel from getting their socks sued off.

You know that sign, the one that says,“The guest uses these facilities at their own risk”. But the lawyers of America don’t believe in personal responsibility. Just big paydays. After all, with the obscene amounts of money that they get, they can afford to put in a big, deep pool with diving boards…in their own backyard.

I wonder what we can expect from the other 79,999 pages of new regulations?

Did you know that Arnold made commercials in Japan while Governor?

I guess she looks as good, going as coming.

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