Featuring some articles from the Boston Herald.

Repubs: Dick Cheney heartlessly mocked

The national chorus of Cheney-bashing over the ex-vice president’s heart transplant — with local lefties gleefully weighing in — disgusted Republicans and political observers who say the uncivil liberal Twitterfest is … heartless.

Skunks always stink, liberals never disappoint in that regard.

Vote Democratic? Then you’re part of the problem

There is only one way to describe people who vote for Massachusetts Democrats — enablers. But with a little help and support it can be stopped.

Like a person who buys booze for an alcoholic, Bay State voters have been enabling the absolute power on Bacon Hill to corrupt absolutely.

Our state has had three House speakers in a row convicted of felonies, three state senators go to jail and one congressman’s wife do 30 days for aiding and abetting in filing false tax returns. But wait, that’s not all, if you like corruption...

If the United States ever is given a enema, Massachusetts is where they are sticking the tube.

Hey mechanic, using zip ties to hold fuel injectors dangerous

By Tom & Ray Magliozzi / Car Talk

RAY: If you look at the transmission selector, in addition to “P,” “N” and “D,” you’ll notice there’s a selection called “B.” That’s for “braking” mode.

I’ve never been in a Prius but now I know how to “downshift” one if I am and find myself driving on the Hana Road again.

From England, the letters to the Editor:

Letter to the Telegraph……….

Marriage at mosques
SIR – Given the decision of the European Court of Human Rights that,
where homosexual marriage is allowed, churches will be obliged to
conduct such marriage ceremonies (report, March 21), are we to
understand the rule will apply to mosques?
Mary Geach
London E1


The more I think about it, the better I like the idea of bring our troops home from Afghanistan, Now! My initial reason was, if Obama has already declared defeat and announced we are leaving then there is no point to leaving our people there “In Harms Way”, with there hands increasingly tied by political interference.

The other good reason, over the last ten years the absentee  votes of our troops have been subverted by the g_-_n Democrats. Try it with our troops staring them in the face.

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