Global Warming Kerfuffle (reposted from 2011, still timely)

Many years ago, my late wife Donie and I were watching a network news show (back when we still had some vestige of belief in their offerings) that was announcing the discovery popularization of Anthropogenic Global Warming and to illustrate their story they had a artists rendering of Palm trees on Cape Cod. From that day on to the day she passed away, any broadcast mention of AGW or politicians reference to AGW to excuse the immediate need to ban this or that, or to excoriate the people for not drying our clothes outside on hand woven lines tied to old growth forests or similar twaddle, she’d pound on the arm of the chair and say,”Where are my Palm Trees!“.

So, I thought I’d create The Palm Tree Poll.

The activists who believe that everything they are told about Warming is true (henceforth referred to as Hotheads) have put all their eggs in one basket and labeled that basket, “Carbon”.  Impossible to argue with, they begin braying at you as soon as you disagree. Given that, at best, you might have time to get one reason out for not going along with the AGW fetish, what is the best, most effective argument to lead with?

So my breakdown of reasons to oppose the re-ordering of our entire economy and standard of living is;

First, if we can do something to effect the worlds temperature, we should. If we can ensure it will go up. (Say, aren’t we overdue for another Ice Age?) The evidence from history and common sense tell us that longer growing seasons and more carbon in the atmosphere would be beneficial to plants and humans. We have the technology today to bring water to arid regions, so if rainfall patterns do change we can adapt. What we can’t do so well is bring warmer temperatures and longer growing seasons to the vast areas of the northern hemisphere that experience sub-arctic conditions. Coastal Flooding? If we reproduce the climate conditions of the Medieval Warming Period when cities like modern cities like London and Karachi were in existence and NOT underwater, I’d be happy.

Second, why Carbon? Is it because it’s the best excuse the Hotheads can come up with that enables government control of most industry? I’m not going to try and re-introduce all the arguments and studies that show what a small percentage of carbon is in the atmosphere due to human influence. Or the reasons why current observations seem to indicate that increasing the percentage of carbon doesn’t seem to have any effect on world temperature. But it seems obvious to me that spending the astronomical sums on carbon abatement and destroying the worlds economy isn’t worth the miniscule chance that some good might be done. You are going to have to prove that one to me with a lot more than,”The Science is settled.”.  No, pretty clearly this is about Control and Taxation, not Carbon.

Third, that “Science is settled” thing. Funny how that followed up on the first mention of Global Warming by about a week or so. Since then the whole “Climategate” business and the unanswered questions about how the placement of temperature monitoring stations near urban hot spots and the whole lack of really long-term records. Lot of money to be made off this warming thing, by the Governments, by the so-called climate scientists, and the Green Industries that have grown only where huge subsidies are available. Lots of wind turbines being shut down as the subsidy faucet gets turned down. No Gas or Oil fueled generation plants are being phased out by Solar either. After all, it gets dark every night and isn’t very practical in the those parts of the northern hemisphere where most of the current power generation  is needed. If the Science is Settled, then the Green Tech is Wanting.

So, the Poll. What is the best single reason to fling against the Hotheads? Don’t like these, suggest something better.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the God-Emperor Donald. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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