Important post on Coyote Blog: Environmentalist Stick-Up

Environmentalist Stick-Up

Watch the video, follow the link, show it to everyone you can.

From the comments:

  1. Stan/Tx:


    The correct term is “fracturing” not “fracking”. Fracking is a made up word created by the environmental community and journalist that are not familiar with the correct term or process. It allows them to steer Internet searches away from the energy industry sites that contain truthful information.

    The Pavillion draft report makes the completely unsubstantiated conclusion that fracturing is connected to ground water contamination.

    The EPA cherry picked a known shallow gas are to conduct is study.
    The monitoring wells were contaminated by the mud and chemicals used in the drilling process.
    The monitoring wells were 3 to 5 times as deep as normal ground water wells and the sampling process was designed to induce gas migration from the surrounding area.
    Data from surface pit monitoring wells was used in the report. The surface pits are a known historic problem, they are being remediated by the oil company and they have nothing to do with fracturing.
    An honest study would show that by drilling and depleting these shallow gas zones in the Pavillion area, the oil industry is reducing ground water contamination due to natural migration of gas in the formation.

    December 14, 2011, 7:44 am

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