None of the above, Taxes, bad Soros, evil Soros.

So why am I NOT a Republican?   Because the Republican Party for the last ten years behaved in why that could not be differentiated from the Democrats. And the Democrats behaved like Bolsheviks.

Not All Taxes Are “Bad” Taxes

I think that after more than 75% of the money you have paid from your paycheck has been misspent, stolen, or lost. You should get a pass on giving the government any more money for the rest of your life. Yeah sure, lets try to reform taxes again. (I’ve lost count, how many times have we done this before?)

Movie opens in February, A MUST SEE.

George Soros, Godfather of the Left Gives $550 Million to Liberal Causes

The war for American Freedom has already started, and  we are losing.

Stone takes over what The New York Times calls “a sprawling constellation of more than 30 organizations that operate in places as diverse as Baltimore, Jakarta, the Kremlin and Congress.” The Times left out that the Soros network is laughably left-wing: pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-gay marriage, pro-drug legalization, pro-union and pro-government-funded media as well as anti-faith, anti-death penalty and as anti-conservative as they come.

It’s an important time for the foundations as Soros himself just turned 81 and has decided that he wants the charity to continue after his death. The foundations have focused on influencing America since late in the first term of President George W. Bush, who Soros strongly opposed. “I have to concentrate on what goes on in America. The fight for an open society now has to be fought there,” reported The Moscow Times in 2003.

His money pays for most of the “journalists” at NPR. He is heavily invested in controlling what you see. That includes ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Soros and liberal groups seeking top election posts in battleground states

A small tax-exempt political group with ties to wealthy liberals like billionaire financier George Soros has quietly helped elect 11 reform-minded progressive Democrats as secretaries of state to oversee the election process in battleground states and keep Republican “political operatives from deciding who can vote and how those votes are counted.”

Known as the Secretary of State Project (SOSP), the organization was formed by liberal activists in 2006 to put Democrats in charge of state election offices, where key decisions often are made in close races on which ballots are counted and which are not.

He also wants to control your vote. He’s afraid you might vote the wrong way. And he’s been successful, as Al Franken and Harry Reid can attest.      In Nevada, Sharon Angle was slightly ahead of Harry Reid in the polls just before the election, but was defeated by an impossibly large margin, most likely, from the votes of illegal aliens. Al Franken kept “finding” uncounted ballots that, miraculously, were all for him, and accepted by the Secretary of State.

Soros is not a anomaly, hes the true face of progressivism. If you want to know what Barry Soetoro wants for America, study George Soros. If Soros has any virtues, at least he’s honest about want he wants, and though at 81,  he is unlikely to live long enough to see it all happen he is certain that his ideological children will. It’s the only reason Barry Soetoro exists.

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Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer

In an exclusive interview, an engineer working to unlock the secrets of the captured RQ-170 Sentinel says they exploited a known vulnerability and tricked the US drone into landing in Iran.

Paraphrase: If a raghead does something that smart, then he ain’t a raghead.

Omnibus spending deal blocks funding for light bulb efficiency standards

My belief, let the market decide.


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