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Airing Anti-Palin Bilge at NBC

This “writer” is the jerk who rented the house next door to the Palins in Alaska and stared at them until Todd built a taller fence.

Three Worst States to Conduct Business: California, New York, Illinois

Survey here.

  • Illinois, New York, and California all have Democratic governors.
  • Illinois, New York, and California all have governors beholden to public unions.
  • Illinois, New York, and California are not right to work states.
  • Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina are all right-to-work states.
  • Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina do not have governors beholden to public unions.

Massachusetts came in sixth.

Speaking of bad business climate, this is from Australia.

For clear business thinking there is Coyote Blog, this is on Solyndra…

And lets not forget…

LightSquared: Obama’s Dangerous Broadband Boondoggle

Own any GPS devices? Will you miss them?

My nice-guy but leftist minister abused the church email privileges again, sending out a missive begging everyone to phone or write their congress critter about the “shameful” planned execution of Troy Davis. You know, the cop killer who deliberately shot and killed a wounded officer in full view of 34 witnesses 22 years ago. Until I saw his email I hadn’t been aware that Troy Davis was black, but if my minister is fired up about it, then he must be black.

He was.

I shouldn’t have his murderers photo up without remembering his victim.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the case until then so in the course of putting together the daily post I did some checking (checking is a journalistic technique that involves fact checking coupled with logical analysis…not usually encountered from the Media or leftists)  I found that Al Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, and Bishop TuTu all support Troy Davis.

Bastard MUST BE as guilty as Hell. (That’s my logical analysis) Here are two good links, with good follow-up comments (something I wish I could get)…

A short note on the Troy Davis execution

Mumia’s The Word

And the last word for today, a liberal activist threw a pink, woman’s slip at WI Rep. Vos (R) during a political rally. The slip is being auctioned on Ebay and the proceeds will be donated to the GOP of WI. Notice how the Dems never go for funny, just with anything mean spirited?

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