Another nail in the coffin for the Bay State.

Rachael Rollins was confirmed today as the next U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts.

Rachael Rollins, the Suffolk County District Attorney who’s made headlines at home and across the nation will become the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts after winning approval from a divided U.S. Senate.

“She is really, really committed to ensuring that the criminal justice system works for all. And she’s also very committed to correcting injustices within that justice system,” said Carmen Ortiz, the former U.S. Attorney.

Ortiz expects Rollins to continue to fight for restorative justice but said there’s no clear analog between the local and federal level when it comes to Rollins’ policies of avoiding prosecutions of lower-level crimes, given that there are far fewer federal crimes considered minor. Ortiz suggests Rollins could continue her pursuit of reforms and restorative justice by refusing to elevate some state crimes into federal issues.

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Pocahontas loves her

Any questions?

Rollins was a Soros DA,  now she’s a Federal Prosecutor.

very committed to correcting injustices within that justice system

Which, in every jurisdiction where these Radical Lefties are installed, means there will be no Federal enforcement or support for stopping the “Peaceful Protests” that include looting, burning down Federal Buildings and assaulting the mundanes if they show up and try to counter-protest or stop the destruction of their city or town.

to fight for restorative justice

Rollins’ policies of avoiding prosecutions of lower-level crimes

Rollins was the reason I gave up on going into Boston, as the DA for Suffolk County she basically decriminalized shoplifting and car theft and all the other crimes that are ‘small’ to the State, but crippling to the individuals and businesses effected.

For that, she should have been censured.  Not promoted.

Anyone got a definition for what, exactly, Restorative Justice is?  Or how much it’s going to cost you?   When does Boston burn?  When does Springfield burn?  When does Fall River burn?

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4 Responses to Another nail in the coffin for the Bay State.

  1. David J. Barrus says:

    It will take bloodshed to clean up this mess. Voting, talking, holding hands, etc. ain’t working.


    • Tying knots might work, depends on the knot, and whose neck goes inside.

      Frankly I’m a little surprised that not one Democrat abstained or even voted NO. The Soros DA, of which she is one, have devastated many Democrat controlled cites. Quite a few of those states Senators have first hand knowledge and experience of how bad they are and the role their policies have had on plummeting polls for the Democrats in those states. Some of them may lose their seats as a direct result.

      They really are putting all their eggs in the vote fraud basket. And they may be right.


      • pjrae54 says:

        Surprised no Dems voted against her? Why? We discuss the Republicans lack of intestinal fortitude and we should also note the Democrat policy of strict loyalty and obedience in all cases. More interesting is Joe Manchin and his apparent willingness (although ultimately IMO a feint) to vote against Biden’s Trillion dollar spending plans.


        • Probably true. I suppose I should be amazed no Republican fell at her feet.

          Any Bay State Kyle Rittenhouse can now expect to be charged in Federal Court immediately. I shall make it a point not to be that goat.


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