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Cast Iron

Food Thread: Ironworker Edition [CBD] —Open Blogger “Commenter (mostly lurker) Lando034 has done something wonderful with his new cast-iron pans after his vintage pans were “lost” by the movers. But first some background on cast iron cookware.” Terrific article on … Continue reading

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Family Red Cabbage receipe

Red Cabbage and Cranberry In large pan, cook four to six strips of bacon. Remove cooked bacon and chop into bits. Take small head of Red Cabbage and cut into strips, third of an inch wide (roughly). (Medium heat) Put … Continue reading

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End of year: Pet Peeves

What is Gluten?  ACSH What is Gluten? SCD Lifestyle. What is Gluten-Free? CDC News. The money quote; “Up to three million Americans out of the population have gluten sensitivity”.   That’s about 1% of the population. As the Canadian story … Continue reading

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Here’s a post that hit a responsive chord…

I’ve seen this on several different blogs.   So why am I also posting it?  So I can reprint my comment from American Digest on my own blog (I’m doing too much commenting on other peoples sites lately and not enough … Continue reading

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This is what I got for a $300 water bill.

Started from seeds, Four O’clock flowers. It’s been a lousy year for cucumbers and the tomatoes have been slow to ripen but we’ve still made a lot of salads from fixings from the garden.  The herbs in the porch planters … Continue reading

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Veteran owned and operated Beer Company

Two months ago, Delgado began working for the Veteran Beer Co., a new Chicago microbrewery, where every role — from brewing to sales — is filled by veterans. The company essentially plans to market employees like Delgado to sell their … Continue reading

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Heidi is Smiley

Downside of the “Patriot Act”. My mother is an diagnosed early stage Alzheimer case.  For the last ten years she has been my aunts Authorized Representative and received her Federal SSSI funds for providing Aunt Mary with a place to … Continue reading

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News you can use!

Beer marinade lowers cancer risk in grilled meats, study says (I knew it, I just f’king knew it!) Beer and Brown Sugar Rib-eyes Written by Troy Black  (Troy Black)  Pro pit master Troy Black says your favorite dark beer, … Continue reading

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PSA #1

Olive Oil 101: How to choose oils with the most health benefits “When you taste a really, really great olive oil, you might notice a peppery finish build in the back of the throat – this tingle,” Coleman said. “And … Continue reading

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Doug: Voodoo Mama Hot Sauce

Has this commercial run in your area yet ?   Well, have they? Punk?

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