And you can’t refuse to get the tech.

Safeway ‘Tap to Pay’ charges Bay Area woman’s credit card while it’s still in her purse

Because she wanted to pay with cash.  Too Late!

I’ve written about this before and how to disable the RFID function on the credit card.

And why you may want to do it. 

Now the embarrassing admission, I can’t locate the post I did on disabling the RFID wireless function on a credit card.  If I can’t find it I’ll have to reproduce it.

One important point I made on that subject, you don’t have the option of demanding a credit card without the RFID feature.  The banks are only mailing out the ‘touch-free’ cards.


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2 Responses to And you can’t refuse to get the tech.

  1. Dan says:

    Buy a wallet that blocks RFID signals. Keep ALL you cards in it unless younare using them. Priblem solved.


    • I cut the trace between the chip on the card and the embedded antenna.

      Your card is still vulnerable anytime and for as long as it’s out of it’s Blocker envelope, such as portable Card Terminals that thieves can carry in a coat pocket.
      Criminals have even installed readers concealed near ATM machines and can capture your cards RFID response between the wallet to the terminal.

      On my Visa card I cut a slit 1 mm from the chip and the end of the card, the end that is inserted into the card reader. My card hasn’t worked wirelessly since. That’s piece of mind!

      Since I can’t find the original post on this I’ll have to reproduce it.


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