AMC charging more for better movie seats.

AMC is probably only the first theater chain to go this route.

Middle seats at many US movie theaters just got more expensive.

AMC Theaters, the nation’s largest movie theater chain, on Monday unveiled a new pricing scheme in which seat location determines how much your movie ticket costs. Seats in the middle of the auditorium will cost a dollar or two more, while seats in the front row will be slightly cheaper.

AMC said the pricing plan, dubbed “Sightline,” has already been rolled out in some locations and, by the end of the year, will be in place at all domestic AMC theaters…

I wondered why the larger movie chains were all starting to require patrons to ‘pick’ a specific seat in the theater when buying a ticket.  It’s annoying and adds more time to the transaction.

It’s because they were setting us up for this.  Additional fees, just like the airlines with their add-on charges for bags, window seats and the always increasing list of charges for what used to be included in the price of the ticket.

I think I may have seen my last movie at a movie house.



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3 Responses to AMC charging more for better movie seats.

  1. Dan says:

    I haven’t been in a theater for more than a decade. Why would anyone go to overpay for dirty seats, sticky floors, crap movies and overpriced popcorn. It’s another relic from another age that should be allowed to die.


    • Yes the popcorn is overpriced.
      But the seats and the theaters are new and comfortable.
      The movies are mostly bad.
      And I think they are struggling but fated to die.
      But who knows? The younger generations are pretty stupid and may keep them afloat.


  2. pjrae1954 says:

    Objectively speaking, I can understand the move. As someone that hasn’t seen the inside of a movie theater since I don’t know when…meh. I stream movies and tv shows and found a site that has about anything (short of porn, I think) you’d want to see for free ( And I can’t eat popcorn anymore, so that’s even more $ saved.


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