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Banks Curtail Employee Use of Voice Mail

Voice mail is viewed as an expensive vestige of a bygone era

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp. , are either eliminating or considering paring back a service once seen as essential to bank workers as calculators and business cards, said people familiar with the banks.

Bank executives said that, in a world dominated by email and instant messaging, phone messages are an expensive and unnecessary legacy from a bygone era when sensitive documents were sent via fax and offices buzzed with young workers chatting on their headsets.

My judgement on the sparse likelihood of finding another job in “Legacy” Telephone System seems to have been correct.  Add another item to the “I never thought I’d see the day” column.

So Texting (which I hate) is the winner.  I refuse to text, or to receive texts.  Which infuriates some people I know, such as my sister (which is a plus 🙂 .  Voice Mail, containing the actual voice of the sending party can not just deliver the message but the emotional state and attitude of the sender.   I used to get voice mails from my wife inquiring about when I’d be home, then I’d get the voice mail that (had that tone of voice) that would induce me to head for home, quick.   I look at a future that replaces phonic conversation and voice mail with Texting as one more nail in the coffin of human interaction.

I think a lot of working mothers will hate it when their voice mail box is banished.  Then they will have to either talk to their kids, interrupting the workday, or rely on the text messages that will not, as reliably, trigger the mothers instinct that their little darling is up to something.

Then I remember a little problem that an office manager called me about from Buffalo.  Seems that one of the secretary’s had been let go and the manager was clearing out her mailbox and so discovered that the girl had been running another business using her (direct dial) company voice mailbox.  The office manager was encountering one message after another from different gentlemen who were requesting various services from the departed employee.  Some of the messages were quite descriptive in their requests.  She wanted to know how to delete all the messages  without listening to them.    I told her how, but I (and my team) offered to screen those messages for her.

So another piece of human interaction is going away.  Making it easier for the Robot Takeover to replace us human beings without anyone being the wiser.

Good luck with that!

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