Boston Herald publishes the list of Highway Bandits

Public Service Announcement!

These are the idiots responsible for blocking the I93 into Boston for ridiculous reasons. (I don’t believe for a second that any of them would have invited either of the two Negro thugs into their own homes for any reason, while they lived.)

Here’s the 29 people, according to authorities, who were arrested in connection with two protests that shut down Interstate 93:

• Nicole Sullivan, 24, of Somerville

• Nelli Routsalainen, 25, of Roxbury (update: a Finnish native living in Roxbury who worked part-time for the Boston Centers for Youth and Families.  Fired from her City job by Mayor Walsh)

• James Billman, 25, of Brookline

• Brett W. West, 26, of Boston

• Jeremy Bingham, 23, of Arlington

• Mark F. Schwaller, 29, of Jamaica Plain

• Noah McKenna, 28, of Boston (update: CBS news; The only arrested demonstrator who agreed to talk briefly was Occupy Boston veteran Noah McKenna, who lives at his dad’s home in Jamaica Plain. )

• Angela N. Davis, 43, of Somerville

• Eli Cohen, 26, of Somerville

• Emily Osmun, 34, of Somerville

• William Connolly, 26, of Hanson

• Ana Castellanos, 27, of Cambridge

• Jackson Chan, 22, of Boston

• Sabrina Jamal Ghaus, 22, of Dorchester

• Nancy Griffin, 47, of Brighton

• Johannes Huessy, 33, of Roxbury

• Kendra Jae, 25, of Boston

• Mallory Kaczarek, 29, of Roxbury

• Jaquelyn Lemus, 24, of Boston

• Jessica Hallada Lowell, 29, of Arlington

• Diana Mai, 25, of Allston

• Monica Majewski, 25, of Dorchester

• Andrew Robert Murray, 26, of Byfield

• Thu Minh Nguyen, 23, of Jamaica Plain

• Katharine K. Seitz of Roxbury

• Kathryn Martin Selcraig, 22, of Somerville

• David Voutour, 30, of Somerville

• Ian Trefethen, 33, of Hyde Park

• Benjamin S. Woods, 31, of Jamaica Plain

Two of them are in their forties!  That’s a long time to be stupid.

From the list of names: pin the tail on this donkey.

From the list of names: pin the tail on this donkey.


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