Black Lives Matter? Says all-white protesters.

Boston area highway blocked by protesters

BOSTON — Activists protesting what they call “police and state violence against black people” chained themselves to concrete-filled barrels and blocked a busy Boston-area highway at the height of the Thursday morning commute.

State police shut down northbound Interstate 93 south of the city, and I-93 south, in Medford, north of the city, at about 7:30 a.m., inconveniencing thousands of drivers and causing miles-long backups.

…The protest was intended “to confront white complacency in the systemic oppression of black people in Boston” the Boston contingent of Black Lives Matter said in a statement.

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2 ambulances diverted thanks to I-93 protesters

The patient in the ambulance had just been in a serious car crash, Partridge said.

“The gentleman had just been in a car accident and had to be extricated from the vehicle. Obviously, if they were going to the (Boston Medical Center), they must have had some significant injuries,” Partridge said. “They were heading to Boston Medical Center and when they were notified that the highway was shut down they were diverted to Good Samaritan (in Brockton).”

I live ten miles south of the southern highway blockage, the roadway was blocked solid that far and probably another ten miles further south (to Marshfield if you know the area).   It was blocked all morning.

There are no photos of the protesters or the area that do not show State Police already on hand.  Obviously the protesters called the Staties in beforehand.  For the excellent reason that they didn’t want to be without protection from those “common” people whose lives they were interfering with.  Particularly the truckers, who always have a baseball bat behind the seat.

Same thing with the “Occupy” scum squatting on the public sidewalks and parkland in Boston.  Defecating in the open, destroying the new plants and trees and in the end leaving a mountain of trash for someone else to clean up and the taxpayers to pay for.  I was finishing up my career in Boston and had to walk pass that mess from the subway and I wasn’t the only working man greatly outraged  by the sight and probably the only thing that prevented me from kicking some hippy ass were the massive police presence.  While the police weren’t doing a thing to prevent the trespassing and destruction, they were there to protect the protest from an massive ass-kicking.

China Olympics Beijing Water Cube Bird's Nest


Seriously.  If the NYPD can turn their backs on Mayor Deblasio, couldn’t the Mass State Police turn their backs on Snowflake here?  Just for five minutes?

Update: Howie Carr in the Herald today;

Hey, celebrate diversity. This is a crew that had a banner on the bridge that said, “Stop White Supremacy.” But in their absolutely deranged press release these narcissistic loafers admitted to being a “diverse non-Black group of Pan-Asian, Latinos, and white people, some of whom are queer and transgender.”

I always figured you could be either gay or transgender, but not both. As for this “Pan-Asian” designation — surely these squirrely wannabe folk singers meant to say, “Pot Asian.” Because it’s pretty clear where they’d come down on the weed issue.

This is their hashtag: “#SpoiledLittleSuburbanPajamaBoysLivesMatter.”


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