Another campaign promise, fulfilled.

Why the Syria Pullout Makes Sense

America’s president stands firm for America’s national interest.

But as the President tweeted on Monday morning, he was elected to end our “ridiculous endless wars,” which are costing us huge amounts in blood and treasure. Continued U.S. entanglement, according to Trump, can only make Russia and China happy.

So which is it: is the President endangering the United States and our allies by pulling out of Syria? Betraying our allies, the Kurds? Or is he defending America’s national interest?

Out of Syria, getting out of Afghanistan; refusing to start unnecessary new conflicts in the Mid-East against Iran or Turkey, this is what Donald Trump promised while running for the office.  And no one believed it, because everyone knew that all American Presidents are so easy to get sucked into committing American Armed Forces to combat around the world.  For the most part, so they don’t appear ‘weak’ to Congressional Hawks and the mercurial National Press.

The two-faced ‘Professionals’ at the US State Dept. ‘advise’ and ‘consent’ one way until the USA is involved then can quickly turn around and lie their heads off at Congressional hearings months or years later when things don’t go so well.  The article notes that President Trump has been taking a long look at how President George W. Bush got played by the State Dept. and the CIA analysts.  It’s probably safe to say that DJT isn’t going to wholly trust anything out of those ‘ dens of iniquity’.

The Kurds.

Yup! The Kurds have been our allies in a sense, some of them.  All in all the United States has treated the Kurds very well and done a lot for them.  Especially in Iraq.   In Syria many of the Kurdish tribes are Communist in political affiliation.  Not so much our friends or sharing our agenda.   But all the groups of Kurdish fighters have been fighting for themselves and their goals, and against their tribal enemies;  in short, they didn’t do it for us.   When we pull out they should stand on the shore waving goodbye saying, “Thanks for the weapons, ammunition and air cover!”.

The Turks.

A NATO ally, for whats that worth.  Not very friendly to the USA these days.  Removing ourselves from the theater of conflict and getting out of their way will reduce the friction between us and the antagonistic political and diplomatic attitude from Ankara.

Plus Turkey will be causing a lot less trouble for us in the area if it turns out they are sticking their manhood into a meat grinder.   (Time someone else took a turn at that.)

The Iranian Regime.

They have tried to start a military conflict with us several times in the last few months, clearly that Regime thinks it would be to their advantage to engage the USA or to be seen as engaging us by the Muslim world and their own people.   How close Iran is to a counter-revolution only the Mullahs know; or maybe they don’t know but do know that President Trump’s sanctions are successfully destroying their economy.   A limited war with the USA that creates US military causalities might result in President Trump losing his re-election bid next year.  A leadership that threw away a million of it’s own young men fighting Saddam Hussein might think the price was worth it to rid itself of the first American President to successfully foil their plans.   They remember Barrack Obama very fondly.  Especially his soft and compliant buttocks.

Europe’s own illegal immigration problem.

Does anyone remember how the vast problems with the hordes of Muslim immigrants into the EU started?  The Syrian Civil War.

That war, for all intents and purposes is ending.  With Turkey to the North and Israel to the South providing security, (even with a Turkish/ Kurdish guerilla war going on  in a small part of the country), Syria is going to become more stable than it has been in more than a decade.   That should slow and even stop the continued flood of immigration.   A few million of the Muslims already in the EU might decide to return home.

Something else that Western Europe will never thank us for.

Trump Peace Prize.

Screw the “Nobel Prize”,  it’s debased and meaningless.

Lets start a “Go-Fund_Me” page for the Donald J. Trump Peace Prize!   I do believe that by this time next year, DJT will have ended more wars, refused to be drawn into more military conflicts and improved American, European and World economic prosperity more than any other human being in history.  But unlike the other one,  we won’t automatically award the “Trump” to some loser every year, but will wait for a candidate worthy of it.

It might be a long time before there’s more than one person holding it.

John The River

About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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