Brilliant Marketing gimmick, Amazon Drone.

AMAZON PRIME AIR PIC 2I admit, I thought this was just a off-hand, stupid remark by Jeff Bezos.

Now I’ve realized that this is a brilliant marketing ploy. Just before Christmas and every paper and TV station has carried this story.  The late night comedians will keep it alive with jokes (that almost write themselves) and skits. If there isn’t at least one skit with Amazon package drones buzzing Santa’s sleigh, I’ll eat my hat.  Yes, Amazon’s name will be on the front page and the TV, blogs and tweeter feeds constantly in the weeks before Christmas.  And it won’t cost Bezos a dime. Brilliant!

I’m equally sure that Amazon has zero intention of actually doing anything like this outside of their own warehouses (inside a warehouse might actually work and be a good idea).  Seriously, would you use a $50,000 drone to deliver one package at a time, at the top speed of 20mph? Passing over the houses, cars and heads of the most litigious people on earth?  Who own shotguns.

My friends with UPS who drive the big brown trucks, you have nothing to fear.

Just found this story on Business Insider:

The Real Reason Amazon Announced Delivery Drones Last Night: $3 Million In Free Advertising On Cyber Monday

I agree, but it’s pretty damn funny anyway.

amazon drones

Bad Photoshop, not my work, I’d do better than that.

k-bigpic amazon-drones Your line is,”Fly My Pretties, FLY!”


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