I hacked up a hairball and it looked like Obamacare.

No security ever built into Obamacare site: Hacker

It could take a year to secure the risk of “high exposures” of personal information on the federal Obamacare online exchange, a cybersecurity expert told CNBC on Monday.

“When you develop a website, you develop it with security in mind. And it doesn’t appear to have happened this time,” said David Kennedy, a so-called “white hat” hacker who tests online security by breaching websites. He testified on Capitol Hill about the flaws of HealthCare.gov last week.

“It’s really hard to go back and fix the security around it because security wasn’t built into it,” said Kennedy, chief executive of TrustedSec. “We’re talking multiple months to over a year to at least address some of the critical-to-high exposures on the website itself.”

From the comments at the story site, better than the story itself;

Hello, my name is Ubanguto Papaue. I am from Nigeria. My uncle was the leader of a top Nigerian Hospital who was killed in a medical takeover. Fortunately, he left a substantial amount of health credits in his account which I am willing to transfer into your Obama Care account. This is very urgent as I can hear the rebel gunfire outside of the capitol even now. If you provide me with your pets name (no need to provide your Obama Care username/password) I can gather the rest of your personal information easily from the unsecured Obama Care site. I will gather your financial history, health history, social security information, stool sample data, and more. After gathering this data I will transfer my uncle’s health credits into your Obama Care account saving you a tremendous amount of money. I would estimate that your premiums would only go up say 400% rather than the average 700% with the deposit of these health credits. I am sorry to have to write to you this way but I was given your email from a mutual friend at the American consulate.

Ubanguto Papaue

Nirgerian Medical Health Rebel Fighters


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