I couldn’t say it better…but I’ll try.

My theory is that if American women are such helpless ninnies that they cannot save enough pin money to buy their cheapass lovers condoms at the drugstore without my Archbishop having to take money out of the church poor box to foot the bill, then the girls are not man enough to storm Normandy Beach.

I haven’t been able to find this (google) anywhere, I think I read it in “Soldier of Fortune” magazine years ago as a personal experience related by a American Veteran:

A Congressional fact finding committee was visiting an infantry training facility. Eventually the tour arrived at the hand grenade training area. After watching the soldiers throwing practice hand grenades, a female senator complained that no female soldiers had been presented. So the question was asked of the senior drill instructor, “Why aren’t any female soldiers being trained on hand grenades?”. The DI replied,” ma’am, our testing has shown that female infantry recruits are unable to throw the standard issue hand grenade far enough to escape injury upon detonation”.

The unnamed female senator began to complain that the army was not doing enough to integrate females into the American armed forces.  The DI attempted to explain to her that it was not a gender issue.  The DI explained thusly,” when the pin has been removed, Mr. Hand Grenade is no longer your friend. If you are unable to throw it far enough to be outside its lethal radius, you will be killed”.

The senator persisted saying the army should develop a hand grenade for female soldiers.

Reportedly, in addition to a number of red faces and tightly pursed lips. One non-com had to be treated for a hernia.PDN 18 (6)

The “USMA report on the Integration and Performance of Women at West Point”, cited by Mackubin Thomas Owens, in Proceedings (July 1998) reveals sex-norming schemes whereby women receive A grades for the same performance that earns a man a D. Navy women pass physical readiness tests by performing 11% fewer sit-ups, 53% fewer push-ups, and running 1.5 miles 27% slower than men. The Marine Corps discovered that only 45% of female Marines could toss a hand grenade beyond its burst radius; one Army study reported only 12% could. Navy studies show that only 12% of women can accomplish the two-person stretcher carry, a requirement critical to ship security. Women may be able to drive a five-ton truck, but need a man’s help if they must change a tire. Women can fire field artillery pieces but often can’t handle the ammunition.

(Note: Many idiots liberals refer to the film “A League of their Own”  as “proof” that woman can throw as far as a man can. So as a point of information; a baseball weights 5 oz. and a M67 Hand Grenade weights 14 oz. with a radius of injury to lethal effect of 15 to 5 meters, and baseballs don’t explode.)

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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4 Responses to I couldn’t say it better…but I’ll try.

  1. Doug says:

    Here, Here!!!


  2. As a former Inantryman I just have agree and say I’m all for women doing what men can do BUT I don’t want a woman Fireman trying to rescue me out of a burning building and I certainly wouldn’t want a woman grunt being all emotional about having to kill.


  3. A couple of posts ago I excerpted an excellent article entitled “Elite Infantry: As the military gets smaller…”
    It focused on the effects of long duration deployments, excellently described by a female Marine officer, and how it was not the same for women. (lack of testosterone don’t you know) Added to the higher theater attrition rates for women (and for problems that don’t bother the men,,Cough..pregnant..cough, cough) adds up to a lot of wasted training time and money. Both of which are going to be getting scarce for the next four years (why four years? Oh! Right..)


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