You couldn’t make this Stuff up!

Congressman: Libya Security Cut While Vienna Embassy Gained Chevy Volts

From Instapundit.

ROMNEY CALLS GIRL who was abused by teacher for wearing a Romney T-Shirt to school. But students and staff of “Democratic school” double down on abuse. And during national Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, too.

And in Massachusetts…

Video: Unions Fine Members Who Don’t Show Support for Elizabeth Warren

Mike Malone on Ricochet

I hate to burst anybody’s bubble about the ‘miraculous’ survival of Cologne Cathedral in WWII, but it was anything but that.  When my parents were touring the cathedral years ago and the tour guide began describing this miracle, my father, who actually had bombed Cologne, whispered to my mother, “We left it standing because it was perfect for targetting the rest of the city.”  On the same trip, sitting at a cafe enjoying his morning weiss beer and veal sausage, a local struck up a conversation with him, eventually asking, “Have you been to Cologne before, Herr Malone?”  My father casually replied, “No, but I’ve flown over it a couple times. . .”

Starlight Express: Sarah Brightman confirms she will be a space tourist aboard 2014 Suyuz rocket… after outbidding Nasa for seat

U.S. media claims she ‘bumped’ an astronaut off the flight after outbidding NASA to secure her seat

With this refrigerator, who needs a kitchen? $41,500 model has its own pantry, a coffee maker… and even a television

No fold down bed?



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