Do Not Buy This DVD!

Dreams From My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception

Director Joel Gilbert, the man who brought you “Elvis found Alive!”, need I say more?

Either this is an attempt to cash in on the success of “2016: Obama’s America” or it is a spoiling Democratic torpedo attack to undermine and discredit Dinesh D’Souza’s brilliant work.


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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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  1. This is the review I wrote on the page for “2016: Obama’s America”.

    I saw this at the theater this summer and ordered the DVD as soon as it was available. Everything in this documentary comes from public speeches, Obama’s books or other public sources. Other than D’Souza’s own conclusions this is simply putting everything that is available about and from Obama together in one source. Seeing what his influences were and who his mentors are will change the opinions of many Americans or what Obama’s true intentions for this country are.

    But, warning! There is another “film” out there now, and its intentions are very suspect.

    The European faerie tales contain chilling stories about Changelings and Doppelgangers, maleficent spirits usurping the place of a human child. As over the summer the success of “2016: Obama’s America” rose at the box office another so-called documentary was being rushed into production, “Dreams of my real father“. Never intended to be shown in theaters, priced cheap and sold on and other online locations, and now supposedly being mailed to voters in several states. This film, which I gagged my way partway through, is an appalling hack-job, the unproven and unprovable assertions of parentage and the truly embarrassing nude/fetish photos and film clips supposed to be Obama’s mother, Ann. It is so irritating in it’s music, repetitive reiteration of the phrase “my real father, Frank Davis” mouthed by the worst voice-over actor in the world, this “film” can only be intended to discourage interest in the real documentary, D’Souza’s greatly superior effort. And irritate voters who receive this POS in the mail.
    By concentrating on the slander of Obama’s family and associates, back to his grandparents, is this film putting out the theory that Communism and bad behavior can be inherited? But what more do you expect from the producer, writer and director of “Elvis Found Alive!”?


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