Bright Ideas Needed.

The man who saved the lightbulb

Larry Birnbaum 2A modern day Edison has a bright idea: a way to keep the incandescent bulb burning brightly, despite a government law set to go into effect New Year’s Day that effectively outlaws the most commonly used lightbulbs.

Let me ask again, what F*#@king business does the government have to be mandating (that’s their favorite word again) a ban on the manufacture, sale or  import of anything that is not harmful to people?   So this guy is trying to get around the “law” by exploiting the loopholes.  Well, GE had developed a new incandescent bulb (after the ban) that used less energy and had to shelve it, and that effectively ends all future research on that entire branch of technology.   Meaning, that if I or anyone else develops a new bulb (by accident) that uses the same amount of energy to produce equal amounts of light as an LED bulb, then I or anyone else would be prohibited from manufacturing or selling it.   That is, if that new product fits the definition of a incandescent bulb as defined by the idiots in Congress.

The Marketplace regularly makes better, wiser and more lasting decisions that benefit everyone.  The US government hasn’t made a intelligent move in decades but is increasingly sticking their nose into everybody’s business.  When do we say, “Enough!”.

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