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Re-Branded ACORN Group Accused of Tax Law Abuse

The former Texas ACORN chapter has a new name and a scheme to collect donations and divert them for political use in a way that abuses tax laws governing charitable organizations, according to a Washington-based public interest group.

Cause of Action, a nonprofit taxpayer watchdog, charged in a letter to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration that the tax-exempt Texas Organizing Project (TOP), formed from the ashes of scandal-ridden ACORN, is using money funneled to it by a closely associated group called the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund for political activity…

Covert FBI Power to Obtain Phone Data Faces Rare Test

Early last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation sent a secret letter to a phone company demanding that it turn over customer records for an investigation. The phone company then did something almost unheard of: It fought the letter in court.

The U.S. Department of Justice fired back with a serious accusation. It filed a civil complaint claiming that the company, by not handing over its files, was interfering “with the United States’ sovereign interests” in national security.

As it happens, I’ve been watching old seasons of “24” with my mother, who is a huge Jack Bauer fan. At least five times in each episode, someone at CTU says “Trace this/that phone number/line”.  Well, in the the backroom of CTU some drudge must be very busy generating a “national security letter,” or NSL, for each request.

In this story, somewhere, somebody at a Telecom company is challenging the governments right to do so and is also challenging the secrecy inherent in these orders. It’s amusing to see the Obama’s administration lack-of-Justice Department defending a Bush Era, Patriot Act provision.

That being said, in so far as these orders are used against Jihadist conspirators in the war on terror I have no problem with it.  Or, are they already being used domestically against us?

EPA conducts human testing for air pollution research (excerpt)

The EPA is doing their part to research air pollution and is engaged in testing the effects of air pollution on our bodies. According to an EPA case study published in Environmental Health Perspectives in September 2011 a human test subject was used by the EPA to study the effects of air pollutants on our bodies…

Steve Milloy, Washington D.C. based environmental and public health consultant and attorney as well as publisher of the website, through a Freedom of Information Act request, found out:

“EPA has been conducting air pollution effects tests on human subjects since at least January 2010.”

“By the time the EPA researchers had published their September 2011 report in Environmental Health Perspectives, they had conducted 41 such tests.” (bolding is mine)

“Of the 41 human experiments, clinical effects were reported by the EPA in only two study subjects. Both of these are controversial. One is the case study reported in Environmental Health Perspectives, which has been previously debunked. The other study subject flagged by the EPA researchers as experiencing a clinical effect (“a short episode of an elevated heart rate during exposure”), in fact, denied feeling any effects. This reported effect was most probably due to some pre-existing condition or other stressor given the low-level of PM2.5 to which the study subject was exposed. Certainly the EPA has no reason to believe that was not the case or that the alleged heart rate jump was due to the PM2.5 exposure.”

“The other 39 study subjects were exposed to PM2.5 levels up to 21 times greater (i.e, up to 750 μg/m3) than the EPA’s own permissible exposure limit for PM2.5 on a 24-hour basis (i.e, 35 μg/m3). All reported exposures among the 39 study subjects were greater than the EPA’s 24-hour PM2.5 standard. Seven study subjects were exposed to levels 10 times greater than the EPA’s 24-hour PM2.5 standard. No clinical effects were reported for any of these exposures.”

Milloy argues that EPA researchers failed to disclose the 40 other human test subjects in the agency’s air pollution research and is a cause for “ethical concern.”

Doug also liked this video…

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