Back and Fore on the fifth.

Took a little trip starting at Abigail Adams Park on the shore of the Back River. Lots of parking, go to the south end where the ramp to the yacht club is located.

First point of interest is the Dog Park on Stoddard Neck. Happy, friendly dogs run back and forth, frolicking and playing, here’s some now…

Hello nice doggie, nice dog, nice…    It’s amazing how fast some dogs can swim, and while barking!

The Harbor Ferry to the airport and Boston was in, I encountered them later.

Perhaps a Map would help at this point…

South to the marina, east, then north around Webb Park.   Past the Irish Coast…

Have you ever seen houses built “up to the waters edge”?

I think I’d make some noise about getting that seawall fixed!

Fore River is NOT where I head usually, not associated with nature but Americas industrial past. The Fore River Shipyard built a truly amazing number of Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, all type of warships. Now its the resting place for the USS Salem, a cruiser.

This industrious looking spot is where the Fore and Quincy Town Rivers come together.

This ugly apparition is the permanent temporary bridge over the Fore River. Looks shaky doesn’t it?

The USS Salem.

Class trip

Hmm? Whats this? A ramp! Next to a small park located under the bridge, must check this out.

Look up for traffic. Those tugs and barges make surprisingly little noise, compared to the stink-pots.

I wish I had pictures to help tell the story of the return trip but, no co-pilot, and both my hands were very busy.

Coming back, as I started to round Webb Park, the Harbor Ferry came up behind me. Now there is plenty of room and the ferry sticks to the center of the channel because of draft. But his wake, and its a powerful wake since this is a big vessel, as it approached the beach and shallow water began to pile up, higher and higher. The waves were coming in behind me and I could tell from the different sound they made what was happening. (I’m such a old salt!)

So I found myself surfing. I couldn’t simply point the bow straight ahead, that course would drive the boat into the rocks lining the shore. If I turned too far broadside to the wave it would roll me. The least that would happen would be the loss of camera two (not waterproof), if I rolled too close to shore I could break my fool neck. So I surfed, Cowabunga!!!  As a side effect I made the best time I’ve ever made along the shore of Webb Park. Eventually the channel widened and the ferry moved ahead, and the height and power of the waves lessened.

So, who’s coming with me next time?


About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. Tea Party supporter. Do like to kayak, cook, take photos, bike, watch old movies and read.
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One Response to Back and Fore on the fifth.

  1. Doug says:

    When you mount twin 50’s on the bow when in the industrialized world.
    With mother nature I’m all in. Might even by a Go-Pro and mount IT on the bow.

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