Doug: To marvel at and shake rattle and roll.

Remember the Day?

Worth your time if you don’t get dizzy



This is a very interesting video with sound. After the Columbia disaster, which was caused by a chunk of External Tank (sprayed-on) insulation coming off during launch and penetrating the wings leading edge, NASA made aggressive plans to install cameras on the two Solid Rocket Boosters.

What you will see here is video taken from these cameras, all the way from just before launch, till splash down in the Atlantic.

Take note: upon ignition of the Space Shuttle Main Engines, 6.6 seconds before liftoff, the asymmetrical thrust causes a phenomenon called the “twang”. The tip of the External Tank actually displaces 23 inches (away from the thrust) as the entire Shuttle stack bends. I f you look carefully, you can see the entire stack bend when the SSME’s are lit off. Also pay particular attention to the debris coming off the stack forward of the orbiter’s wings. There is an appreciable amount of it.

These are More than just photographs!

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