Crazy Danes,Angry at the usual suspects, Very wery wunny.

The Welfare State and Freedom: A Mismatch

As a result, the friendly compassionate face of the Danish state is increasingly being replaced with intrusive measures that were unthinkable just a decade ago. It is not an overstatement to say that the balance between the state and the individual has been shifted decisively in favor of the state.

You can have genorous welfare benefits, competitive world economy, or unrestricted foreign immigration. Pick two, as long as one those choices isn’t unrestricted immigration.

Currently, 235 different laws and regulations allow various public authorities access to businesses and private homes without a warrant. Public authorities also have full and unhindered access to certain retirees’ financial information, and Danish pensioners have to inform their municipality when they leave the EU for more than three months as well as when they return.

It’s amazing to me that any of the European nations that were occupied by the Nazi’s in WWII would go along with any of this. WHAT are my Danish cousins thinking?

Conservatives, Sharpen Your Shank and Shove It In [Bumped]

“When you debate the details with a commie-lib you are putting the “kick me” sign on your chest and back…

…It’s Conservatives students and employees that hide their views in school or at work. You can’t win while on defense. Commie-lilbs are always on offense, that’s why they control so much. If our tactic was working we would run their institutions, we don’t.

“If a man meets with injustice, it is not required that he shall not be roused to meet it; but if he is angry after he has had time to think upon it, that is sinful. The flame is not wring, but the coals are.”
George Orwell Henry Ward Beecher
Most people translate that into some form of “Turn the other cheek”, I lean towards “A dish served cold”.
For me, personally, I have more success handling confrontation without anger than feeding on it. But I get stupid when I get angry.
The commenters all seem to be very angry over at American Digest today, angry title, angry comments. Nerves are frayed after three years of naked power grabs, greed and non-stop lies. The Republic is in danger (Hey, take away the D from danger and you have Anger!).  But the airways fill up with meaningless dreck like Whitney Houston’s inevitable death.

My mother tells me (suspiciously) that she never hears or sees any of the stuff I publish on my blog on the TV or radio. She is reading more of it now, because I have the WSJ delivered to the house. Well. Thats the point.

Also from American Digest… a public service video.

Reminds me, I need to pick up a certain magazine at the store…

It took five minutes before I could stop laughing and my hand had steadied down enough to use the mouse…

“Be wery wery qwiet. We’re hunting wabbits.”


Damn, Gerald has a lot of good stuff (that I’m stealing) today.

And last…

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