Flash, non-political stealing in Chicago, National Velvet (2012), New poll_young forced to work to earn a living.

Thieves pull off stunning gem heist in Chicago

A Chicago jewelry store owner says a heist that resulted in her store being robbed of $500,000 in precious gems was “definitely straight out of Ocean’s Eleven.”

Thieves broke into Steve Quick Jewelers in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago on Tuesday night by cutting through a common wall in the sushi restaurant next door straight into the back corner of the jeweler’s office, right behind the safe — the only part of the store not covered by an elaborate security system of cameras and motion detectors.

I think I’ll wait for the movie. Remember the movie that photo came from?

Rabbit Jumping Reaches for New Heights

Cherie, a two-year-old Swedish bunny, and owner Magdalena Åhsblom competed at the Rabbit Grand National Jan. 28 in Harrogate, England. Rabbit jumping is a new rage among young women in England, but they are no match for the Swedes who have perfected the sport.

I will NOT be waiting for the movie! National Velvet (2012), gack!

OMG, We Have Really Hit Bottom – Young People Forced to Work to Support Themselves


Obviously the economy sucks and it would be great for everyone for it to improve, but in most other times and even in many other countries in the world today, a significant bar in bad times would have been “I starved to death.”

Coyote looks at this chart and is struck by how wealthy it shows the USA is. Numbers two and three on that chart especially, to go back to school or taking a job with no pay for experience requires that someone else have the disposable income available to support you. I agree.

I’d say that I spent four years at jobs I didn’t like but paid the bills before I found something that I was good at and could succeed. Why so many young people can’t find any jobs to do that much may have to do with the minimum wage, its to high, and they aren’t worth it, yet.


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