Smear, NYC stuck with the bill,Perfect Pub, totty.

A smear that prospered far too long

A dogged NCIS investigator has proven that Ilario Pantano, then a Marine lieutenant, should never have been put up on war-crimes charges back in 2004-5. But that doesn’t wipe away the endless smears thrown at him since.

Maybe the media and the bloggers hated him so much because he lived the classic American success story.

There are high points to this story; two retired Marines who felt obliged to maintain a security watch around Pantano’s house, William Rodriguez of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service who finally cleared his name.

But five years later, after Ilario felt obliged to leave NY, after smears by liberal bloggers and the liberal press sank his North Carolina campaign for Congress. Read the full story.

Read how flimsy the initial case was. That enough people in the chain of command felt feeding a young Marine Lieutenant to the liberals and media during the Murtha era was a good idea.

How can we still find men like this to volunteer to go into battle for us? And worse than battle, the possible loss of honor and liberty.

For me the worst part is that none of the liberal dogs responsible will ever pay for their crimes.

…Need something to get the bad taste out of my mouth __

Ahh! Better.

Hey, 99 Percenters, You Call This ‘Fair’?

A study by the New York City Independent Budget Office was released this week, and you didn’t hear much about it in the mainstream media because it hurts their candidate’s message.

Keep in mind, I’m your Conservative Everyman. I’m no economist, nor am I a political scientist. I call ’em as I see ’em just like you do. And away we go…

New York City has a little more than 8 million residents. Of those many millions, 1% — ONE PERCENT — pays 43% of the income taxes. You know how many people that works out to? About 35,000 people.

Used to be more than 35,000. But the years of high taxes, sur-taxes, use-taxes and special assessments have cut the number of Fifth Ave. millionaires in NYC. You see, the rich are different than us. They aren’t tied to a job, they can move their business somewhere else.

Scientists learn, Pluto not the Moon is made of Green Cheese!

The Hubble Space Telescopehas spotted new evidence of complex organic molecules — the carbon-containing building blocks of life as we know it — on the frigid surface of Pluto, a new study finds.

Hey, I’m no Sippy but I can try!

Calling time on a landlord who ran the perfect pub

As London fills with ever more soulless public houses, landlords like Maurice Huggett, who died at the weekend, are to be celebrated.

I think Tom should get a hat.

Last, lets hear it for Santa’s elves!

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2 Responses to Smear, NYC stuck with the bill,Perfect Pub, totty.

  1. NavyOne says:

    I was an enlisted Arabic linguist when this went down. I remember not quite understanding why LT Pantano was even being charged. We need to encourage more heroes like this, not charge them. I am happy to see he has name back. Not to me, to you, or to him. We always trusted him. (I am speaking for others, but I think it accurate.) But for the public, for his family, for the Marine Corps.


    • Dear NavyOne,
      Thank you for your service. You are quite correct, his extended family never abandoned him. For the rest, its the heavy price we pay for a national media dominated by the left.
      I consider it the obligation of the “Alternate” web-news sources to spend the truth however and whenever we can.

      Merry Christmas,
      John the River


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