Guns & Gold, Smoking hot car…call 911. UPDATE

Guns Better Investment Than Gold?

Of course Silly, if you have the gun you can keep your gold, your life and freedom.

Obama nixes UN climate fund

The Climate Change/Global Warming hoax is quickly unraveling.

Update: The rationale behind the hoax may be evaporating, but it some places it might be to late. The State of California (I don’t think we should call it that anymore, maybe “The Worlds Largest Funny Farm” is more accurate.) is beginning to collect revenue from their own little Cap & Trade scam and once the coin begins to flow it’s impossible to stop it. Because, you know, “It’s for the Children®!”.

Don’t try telling them in California TWLFF that the theft of capital by the Cap & Trade fable has anything to do with the flight of businesses from their state, they don’t want to hear it.

NHTSA releases Chevy Volt fire investigation details

What the investigation shows is that Volt battery packs can explode and/or catch fire up to several weeks after a collision. No insurance company is going to spring for battery replacement of the Volt after a accident, not at $8,000.00.  If you have a accident in the Volt you are driving a time bomb. Most homes in this country have attached garages, think its a good idea to drive your Volt home after a fender bender and park it under your children’s bedroom? And, YES, I am exaggerating.

Update: Popular Mechanics is reporting that the test cars that experienced the battery pack issues were lacking “software” that would discharge the batteries safely. (?????????????)

I’m very experienced with DC power and batteries, and you can’t discharge batteries with software. After a crash, especially a violent one, why would you expect the CPU to still be in operation. Let alone for long enough to slowly discharge the massive amounts of energy stored in these batteries. And where, pray tell, would the heat that is released go? The original stories on the fire/explosion  all stated that the liquid cooling system for the battery pack was incapacitated by damage. Exactly WHAT is software going to do about that?

I stopped buying and reading Popular Mechanics years ago when they gave themselves over to the Global Warming Fraud body and soul. They’ll believe anything the government tells them.

Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of The New Revolutionaries

Photo credit: El Marco.  Check out his webpage,

This photojournalist has on his webpage all the images of what the OWS crowd in NYC really looked like, but the MSM didn’t want to show you.

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