Saturday News; Which includes for some reason a skinny dipping girl.

I hereby resolve to get out on the river with my camera more often, otherwise I’ll have to stop calling this a Kayaking and Photography Blog.

So lets chase the wild geese!

By the way, the poll deciding if I will include the occasional image of a beautiful lady to this blog is now running neck and neck.

Speaking of my photos I finally found this one.Three years ago in Boston was the first Tea Party Rally on Boston Common (April 15th 2009) .

In March of that year I broke my leg hiking (first broken bone of my life). By mid-April I was still in a cast and on crutches. I worked on Federal Street which is a uphill grade all the way to the Common. I made it. And yes I am beating my own drum.

House votes to save traditional incandescent bulb for 2012

Doesn’t count until passes both houses, is signed and becomes law. Don’t hold your breath.

Bay State pols eye $acrifice

“Kerry, who has been named the wealthiest member of Congress 13 times by Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, said he’s willing to give up his own pay. Reports placed the Democrat’s estimated wealth at $188 million last year.” First time we’ve heard from Kerry since the scandal about the taxes due on his yacht, which he had custom built outside the country.

Study finds problem in red blood cells stored for long periods

This could be a real problem, in effect cutting the national blood supply unless we get a medical breakthrough. A science fiction writer influenced me to donate regularly, now I am no longer afraid of big needles.  Robert Heinlein pushed his readers to make personal blood donation, Bob had a very rare blood type and without blood donation could not have had the operations that saved his life and extended his working career.

Phone hacking: Les Hinton, CEO of Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, resigns

The man used to run British News operations for Murdock until 2007, thats why he’s gone. The question I have is, if its unethical and illegal for a newspaper to commit these acts, why is it OK for a government to do the same thing when it doesn’t relate to a criminal or national security investigation?

Barack Obama says rich should pay more tax in call to Congress to resolve US deficit crisisObama considers new round of US debt, deficit talks

Love the picture.

How Greece’s Political Elite Ruined the Country

Cautionary tale how Greek conservatives and liberals took turns bankrupting their own country.

‘The US Is Holding the Whole World Hostage’

They don’t really mean the WHOLE world, just Europe.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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