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How “Super Sand” Could Provide Drinking Water To Millions Of People

Two important points; first this is hugely important to hundreds of millions of people, second its not the result of a government program.

E15 not coming to gas stations anytime soon

My viewpoint, a unscientific study of one, is that any ethanol content in automotive fuel is to much. Back in 2003 when my Honda Element was brand new, I took my family on a two week southern excursion, from Massachusetts to Florida with stops in Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia. I carefully noted the mileage and gasoline consumed. The final resume, with a full vehicle and bag and baggage for two weeks aboard, was 27-28 highway (and it was almost all highway). For the  next few years all my calculations confirmed that highway mileage per gallon remained at or above that number. Then came E10. As I continued to figure the mileage it became obvious that something was wrong. My best case highway mileage crashed to 20 MPG. Frankly it was as if the 10% mixture added to the fuel was pure water. If E15 is mandated by my loopy state legislature I’m selling the Element and buying a diesel. 


Again, words fail me.

Australia counts the cost of environmental lunacy

quote from page: And all in order to achieve the wonderful goal of ensuring that by 2020 the world’s temperature will be altered with such refinement and subtlety that not even the most sophisticated measuring equipment yet devised is likely to notice the difference.

Note: In this space there would have been links to articles related to the debt limit talks in Washington, but the management of this blog has ruled that on Sunday we will print no fantasy or comedy.

Expect ‘more frequent’ breakdowns, MBTA citizen adviser warns riders

Let me tell you a true story. A couple of years ago during the winter, I was riding into Boston on the Red Line at O’dark-thirty. After leaving JFK station the train entered the underground tunnel and soon approached Andrew station. To my surprise the train went through the station without stopping. Usually there is a announcement when a train is going express further up the line and bypassing stations, I heard none and I didn’t think I had fallen asleep. The next station, Broadway, approached without the train slowing and without a announcement. Suddenly, halfway through the station, the train violently braked coming to a stop half in and half out (half of the cars already past) the station.

It was with a sudden chill of fear I realized that the engineer had fallen asleep on the switch and the passing lights of the station had awoken them. My point is, its not only the hardware thats braking down on this system. My inside source, a MBTA old-timer, tells me that before the Transit system became politically correct a new employee could expect to work their way up from buses to trolleys then eventually to trains or over ten years to sit in the engineers seat. Two years ago a nine-month employee crashed a Green Line trolley while “texting” her girlfriend.

I’ll never know who was driving the train that morning, but getting laid-off could have saved my life.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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