Tuesday News

BREAKING: NAACP and Union Thugs Intimidate Kenneth Gladney Family Outside Clayton, MO Courthouse …Update: More Than Half Jury Pool Has Union Ties

This story is (surprise) being ignored by the Media.

The Coming Collectivization of American Health Care

The end of superior American Health Care.

The Last Carbon Tax?

The result? “The latest Essential Report shows that on first preferences the Coalition leads Labor 50 per cent to 30 per cent and after preferences the Opposition leads by a massive 57 to 43. Essential’s pollster Andrew Bunn says if an election were held now it would be “getting on to the proportion of the New South Wales State election” which was a massacre for the Labor government.

Good quote: 

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) tried an unusual route in trying to win Democratic support for the bill — vanity.

“Here’s the bottom line: those of us of a certain age, under a compact fluorescent bulb, we don’t look as good as we do under an incandescent bulb,” Burgess said to laughter. “Even the former chairman of my committee of Energy and Commerce suffers from what might be called spectrum fatigue under a compact fluorescent bulb.”

Lightbulb bill likely headed for defeat in House

Guess I keep stocking up.

Cheat Until The Cows Come Home: Luxury Cars Insured As Farm Vehicles

An Audi A4 classified as a farm vehicle was found in Brooklyn, N.Y. ($389 annual savings.)

Well? I’m still waiting for comments and input about adding totty to these pages.

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