Unlawful verus Unwanted Calls and Verizon’s response.

Even though telemarketing calls to numbers on the Do Not Call list are “illegal”, Verizon does not consider them “unlawful”. Below came off their support page.

Verizon Unlawful Call Center The Verizon Unlawful Call Center (UCC) specializes in calls that fall into one of the categories listed below. To use the services of the UCC, you must be willing to take legal actions against the caller.

Examples of unlawful calls:

  • Threat to Life (yours or someone else’s)
  • Bomb Threats
  • Bodily Harm
  • Excessive Obscene or Harassing Calls (The definition of excessive varies by state but generally means more than two to five calls.)
  • Kidnapping

Verizon regularly works with Law Enforcement agencies to resolve unlawful call complaints. The Law Enforcement agency investigates all calls involving bodily harm, bomb threats and kidnapping.

Unwanted Calls are usually not against the law and typically include:

  • Fax calls
  • Hang-up calls
  • Computer calls
  • Solicitation calls
  • Telemarketing calls
  • Debt collection calls
  • Obscene or Harassing Calls*

*If calls of this nature are deemed excessive, and you are willing to prosecute, we will handle as an unlawful call.
If you want to establish a case, call the Verizon Unlawful Call Center at
1-800-257-2969, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. with your complaint number to open a case.

And finally, Verizon’s response to my compliant.

Thank you for choosing Verizon.

I have received your email dated 7/2/11 regarding calls coming through the Anonymous Rejection feature. My name is Lynette, and I will be happy to assist you. We apologize for the delay in our response and regret any inconvenience to you. Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to block “Anonymous” or “Private” calls from ringing through to your home. Caller ID boxes will show the letter “P” or the words “Private” or “Anonymous,” instead of a phone number when callers have blocked the display of their phone number. The “Private” callers will receive an announcement that informs them that you do not take calls from people who mark their number “Private.”

“Out-of-Area” and “Unavailable” messages are displayed when the calling party’s telephone service is not compatible with caller ID technology. PBX and outbound automatic dialing systems do not transmit caller ID information. In addition, operator-assisted, international, and some cellular calls may not transmit caller ID information. These callers are not blocked since the service is not compatible with the Caller ID/Anonymous Call Rejection feature.

I hope I have resolved your reason for contacting us. If you have additional questions, or if we may be of assistance to you in the future, please let us know. We look forward to serving you. Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business.

Sincerely, Lynette Verizon eCenter
Now, since to open a complaint with the Do Not Call system, a phone number is
needed, I guess we are all screwed.

UPDATE: When I got my bill I found out that Verizon charged me $4 for activating call trace, which they refused to act on or pass on the caller information from the trace so I could open a complaint with the Do Not Call  web page. I think it’s time to drop the land line.

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