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High points of the day, plenty of water under the keel.

New Weymouth Landing Launch Ramp Opened July 11th, Updated with low tide images & downstream trip

Our state government can keep secrets better than the Obama White House. My mother came back from a cribbage game with the ladies to inform me that a new ramp and parking area had opened next to the T parking … Continue reading

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Perfect week of Summer Weather in New England

Mid-week, quick paddle to Bumpkin Island.

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Back and Fore on the fifth.

Took a little trip starting at Abigail Adams Park on the shore of the Back River. Lots of parking, go to the south end where the ramp to the yacht club is located. First point of interest is the Dog … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July!

There are dark days coming, so let’s enjoy ourselves while we can… Picked this photo off the internet, love it. But I’d suggest ditching the paddle and installing an electric trolling motor, then he’d have something.  Next picture is off … Continue reading

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Flag Day

Flag Day in United States Flag Day is annually held on June 14 to honor the United States flag. Local names Name Language Flag Day English Día de la Bandera Spanish Flag Day 2012 Thursday, June 14, 2012 Flag Day … Continue reading

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Doug: Something Special

New Secret Service Rules…. Secret Service issued new rules of conduct for agents today… They can no longer get drunk, procure hookers or go to strip bars.. The rules say that from now on, if agents feel compelled to engage … Continue reading

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North River

These guys are scuba diving for moorings. Explanation, the mooring buoys are secured to large weights on the bottom (usually 6 to 10 cement blocks attached to a heavy chain), once settled into the mud they are a fixed point … Continue reading

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Review: Act of Valor or It is easier to teach a SEAL to be an actor than to teach an actor to be a SEAL

LFM Reviews Act of Valor “In Valor There is Hope.” Not “Hope” for a government handout. Valor is not a word that the left uses, its hard to corrupt and distort its true meaning. Definition of VALOR : strength of … Continue reading

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One British newspaper referred to Jennifer Hudson as a true professional. I agree but I think she showed so much more. I think she showed courage for coming forward to even attempt that performance.  Think about it, has any major … Continue reading

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December Kayaking, jolly good fun.

Does a little ice on the riverbank in December discourage us? Hell No! Why? I’m nuts of course. No, no , no…I’m a New Englander and a Dane. Never got out of the thirty’s today, but the sun was strong. … Continue reading

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