Gun Laws.

It comes up every time there is a shooting death or deaths.

More Gun Laws!  Scream the Democrats and the Media helpfully reports that Republicans and the “Right Wing” oppose creating gun control laws to protect the public.

Of course that is an deliberate misstatement of what the Anti-Democrats are saying.   What they are saying, again, is that there are plenty of laws on the books in every city and state as well as Federal Gun Control laws.

What they are saying is, “Enforce the Laws on the books that we have now”.  Unfortunately we have a story in the news today that illustrates that,  An example that cost the lives of two police officers in California.

California cop-killer received slap on wrist after recent weapons arrest

The suspect who gunned down two cops at a motel about 20 minutes outside Los Angeles on Tuesday was on probation for illegally carrying a gun and had been banned from packing heat since 2011.

Justin Flores, 35, allegedly slew El Monte police Cpl. Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana and was killed in the firefight when the officers responded to a report of a stabbing.

Flores had served two prison terms for burglary and car theft and pleaded no contest to possessing a firearm as a felon last winter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The weapons charge could have sent the career criminal back to prison for three years, but instead he was sentenced to two years’ probation and 20 days of time served, the paper said.

A day before the shooting, Flores’ probation officer filed for a revocation hearing after the suspect allegedly assaulted his girlfriend last week, violating his probation, according to the report.

Instead of being arrested and jailed, Flores was allowed to stay on the streets ahead of a June 27 hearing.

There it is right there.  A ‘career criminal’ still walking the streets a free man after being found in possession of a gun.   To the liberal DA’s and Judges the entire framework of the law is treated as a silly idea.  They ignore it.

  • Three Strikes laws
  • Mandatory incarceration for use or possession  of a gun during commission of a felony
  • Mandatory prison sentence for a Felon in possession of a gun.
  • Immediate revocation of parole and re-incarceration for any further criminal acts of behavior.

Sound like pretty good laws?  And if any one of them had been actually applied to this ‘career criminal’ then those two police officers would still be alive.  So apply those laws fully, remove from office any DA or Judge that decides to ignore them.

And always, in every election, never, ever vote for the Democrat.

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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2 Responses to Gun Laws.

  1. Stuart says:

    Remember the Dirty Harry movie – was it Magnum Force(?) where the cops decided to take out the trash themselves since the “system” wouldn’t? Perhaps that movie should be viewed as prophecy.
    Sorta like Orwell’s “1984”.


    • Sorry but no. That’s not what is happening.
      The reality is that cops are retiring, taking their pensions and getting the Hell out of Dodge. Those cops that don’t have the years in yet to retire and hunkering down, doing the minimum and if necessary looking the other way.
      The message that the deaths of those two police officers delivers is don’t be to quick to respond, wait to see if the action is over and don’t be a hero. You know, like that certain Texas town.
      In the meantime the police will be more than happy to execute seizure orders from the Red Flag laws… if the target is a white male. They’re safe to push around, arrest and yell at.
      They are obeying the law, and respecting law enforcement. For now.


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