Cancer in the DA offices.

LA’s New Soros Prosecutor is the OG Soros DA — the Guy Who Pitched Soros the Idea of Destroying the United States Through a Communist Corps of DAs



Over the last year or two, the plague of “Soros DA’s” has become somewhat well-known across the country. Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner was sworn in then immediately cleaned house; Chicago’s Kim Foxx inexplicably dropped charges against Jussie Smollett; St. Louis’ Kim Gardner charged the McCloskey’s for defending their own home against a Black Lives Matter mob; and Contra Costa County, California’s Diana Becton issued a guidance mandating that her deputies determine whether someone “needed” an item before they could be charged with looting.Let’s not forget San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin, son of Weather Underground bombers who was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, who looks the other way for most crimes.

Boudin was elected after longtime San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon decided to move “home” to Los Angeles and challenge incumbent DA Jackie Lacey, who wasn’t quite radical enough for LA’s burgeoning Black Lives Matter scene. What most people don’t know is that Gascon is the Original Soros DA, and that it was at Gascon’s urging that Soros plunged the first $50 million into what I’ll dub the Progressive Prosecutor Project — through the ACLU, which funded shadow groups to move the money through, of course.

Are we allowed to mention facts like this or nah?

Spoiler: the answer is “no,” we’re not allowed to criticize Nazi collaborator George Soros or his communist, anti-American DAs.

In fact, the ABC news station in LA just ran a critical piece about this Gascon bacteria.

After threats from Gascon, they pulled the critical article and put up a puff piece in its place.

Jennifer van Laar reported that Gascon had offered a “sweetheart” deal to a gang-member murderer.

ABC reported on that sweetheart deal — but Gascon began making threats against ABC behind the scenes.

And then they memory-holed their report.

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