Third Party, a second look.

Had some blow back on the post on the creation of a third party to counter the Uni-Party.

So.  Some thoughts on that.

The biggest fear concerning a Third Party is that a Conservative third party would bleed seats away from the GOP in Congress and deliver control of the House and the Senate to the Democrats.  That is if the majority of the members of the House or Senate are members of one party then in the House the position of the Speaker will likely be of the party of the majority and in the Senate Majority Leader will be the same.  Politically these are powerful positions since control of the movement of legislation through the Congress is mainly controlled by these two positions.  So if conservatives that would normally be seated as Republicans are members of a third party (or independents) then that reduces the number of Republicans in that part of Congress.

In the current tight margins of House and Senate membership every single seat is important.

The Senate.

If the Democrats successfully steal the two Senate seats in Georgia (as is likely, after all, why stop stealing now?) than the control of the Senate will pass to the Democrats and soulless Chuck Schumer will become the new Senate Majority Leader.  This will be (on one hand) a disaster.  But on the other hand, an opportunity.

Once the control of the Senate is, in fact, lost.   Then would be the time to move ahead with a new political party.  (I like The Orange Party, how about you?)   Members of a Third Party and independents could caucus with whichever party they wished, so a new conservative party could parley and vote with the Republicans.   Except that Orange Party members would be real conservatives and not the RINO’s that plague the GOP.

The House.

All the members of the House vote on the Speakership.  So a mixed bag of Democrats, Republicans and Independents matters less as the Speaker is elected by the entire voting body of the House.   If I were a member of the perfidious Republican Party and consumed with shame for the dastardly behavior of my party I’d immediately declare myself as a Orange Party member.  It would not mean anything as far as control of the House is concerned, but at least I’d be able to shave and look in the mirror in the morning.

The Mid-terms in 2022.

If this country is going to go down into the pit.  Then the last chance to form a fighting front and form a line of resistance will be the 2022 Mid-term elections.  Do you want to put your support behind the weak and bendy reed of the GOP?  Or is time to express ourselves as a firm and united front against the criminals and socialists with a clear and definitive symbol of Americanism and Hope!   The Orange Party! The American Party! The party of the God-Emperor!   Donald J. Trump.   We don’t deserve him, but he’s the best last chance to save America.

The issues are a lot more clear cut than the issues facing the nation during the end of the Whig Party in 1856.

About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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2 Responses to Third Party, a second look.

  1. Dan says:

    Anothor party is a distraction the commie left would LOVE to see happen. Because the argument that it will split voters and give them full control is true. Roughly 40% of society is going to vote for the Demonrat candidate…..ALWAYS. The left could run Lucifer himself in full regalia….horns, tail and pitchfork….and they would STILL vote Demonrat. Splitting the remaining 55-60% o voters between two parties…..which is what a “third party” will do… the left control….ALL THE TIME.

    In reality it we don’t succeed in overturning the results of this election then there will NEVER be another fair, honest election in America…..EVER…and it won’t matter how many parties there are or who runs for office. The left will ALWAYS win EVERY office they decide they want to control. Either we overturn this travesty, round up and execute the traitors behind it….all of them….or freedom dies….for good.


  2. So since there has been a Republican Party since 1856 it must always be there? Why did we drop the Whigs since their origins are even older?
    Try ‘executing the traitors’ before winning back control of the government and spend the rest of your life in SuperMax.
    ‘Wishy Washy Republicans’ and their leadership, especially Committee heads are entirely to adept at getting along with the Democrats. Its those leadership who are members of the “Old Boy Network” that we must dislodge.
    If we lose Georgia and the Senate as seems likely, since the machinery of corruption is still in place and now practiced in villainy with all their mistakes and missteps pointed out to them; if then the Senate is now lost, now is the time to organize.


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