John W. Campbell

Dell Magazines is Changing the Name of the John W. Campbell Award

“In his announcement, Analog Science Fact and Fiction editor Trevor Quachri said that “Campbell’s provocative editorials and opinions on race, slavery, and other matters often reflected positions that went beyond just the mores of his time and are today at odds with modern values, including those held by the award’s many nominees, winners, and supporters.” ”

The John W. Campbell Award For New Writers was bestowed, starting in 1973, alongside the Hugos when they were given out at the World Science Fiction Convention. His name’s been removed for the usual reason; the racisms. Unconscionable that a man born in 1910, whose social sensibilities that don’t track within a millimeter’s tolerance of early 21st century Millenials, would have his name on an award. All he did was singlehandedly, or nearly so, create science fiction’s Golden Age and deserve a large amount of credit for creating the the genre and the market. He did that by publishing new writers, many of the greats of the field.


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