The corrupt control of the news.

A little girl died after being taken into custody by ICE.   This has been made a ’cause celeb’ by the media and the liberals in Congress.

It is a lie.

The girl died of septic shock and dehydration. She and her father were picked up on the night of December 6 at about 10pm along with roughly 160 more illegal aliens who decided they were entitled to break into our country.

The girl reportedly hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink for several days and began suffering seizures about eight hours after being taken into custody, according to Customs and Border Protection.

Whose fault is it that the child wasn’t given anything to eat or drink and that she was dragged along in a group that could have possibly contained individuals with communicable diseases? Even the CDC admits this is a risk, although the document containing this data has “mysteriously” disappeared from its website.

A few hours inside, in custody, didn’t cause her condition.  It shouldn’t be necessary to explain that.  It took days in the desert without adequate food and water.  The same thing would have happened to the child if the Border Patrol hadn’t picked them up and they continued to wander in the desert.  In fact she wouldn’t have lasted as long.

An intake form signed by the girl’s father said she wasn’t sick, wasn’t sweating and seemed mentally alert. The form was obtained by The Associated Press.

Immigration officials briefing reporters say the girl’s father told officials that she was sick and vomiting when they were on a bus heading to a Border Patrol station. When they arrived 90 minutes later, the girl wasn’t breathing.

And put a hold on the “girl’s father” stick.  Would a father fail to request water or help for his daughter for hours?  Would a father drag a 7 year old child into the desert without providing food, water and protection from the sun for their own child?  A man dragging along a little girl for ‘protective coloration’ might, as in “We’re a family let us in”.  In truth that has become a common trick.   Somebody should have waited for DNA or any validated identification before going along with this so-called ‘Father’ claim.  By the way, that ‘Father’ seems fine, doesn’t he? I assume he had enough water.

But if you watched the media coverage of this incident the clear message being pushed is that the hours (NOT DAYS) in ICE custody was solely responsible for the little girls death (always emphasizing the sex and age of the victim).  So that, obviously, ICE is evil and should be disbanded.  The gates of the southern border should be thrown open and we should provide air-conditioned motor couches to the illegals to safely transport them across the desert.  Ignore all the laws and wishes of actual American citizens, because . . . compassion.

Build the damn wall so no more seven year old girls die crossing the desert.

Or, my idea.  Did you know we have huge warehouses of antipersonnel mines just sitting there?   That’s a waste!  Put them in the ground and put them to work!

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Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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3 Responses to The corrupt control of the news.

  1. Dan says:

    The objective facts make it clear the child died as a result of her father’s choice and acts…..not as a result of anything INS/Border Patrol did or failed to do. But to the left and there media whores accomplices facts are irrelevant unless they serve their agenda. If not the facts are ignored in favor of more useful lies.


    • Annie says:

      The child may have regained conciousness in ICE custody and been put on life support at that time or after, so it would be easy to say that she died in ICE custody, but when she got on that bus with her father to begin the 90 mile trek-I think it was to Tijuana-she was vomiting, dehydrated and had a high fever. The bus driver radioed ahead to Tijuana or the next stop and was reassured that emergency help would meet them at the other end of the trek. When the bus got there, the girl had stopped breathing. She had died on her way to the border, did not make it to the border. All that way for nothing. She would be alive today if her father had not been convinced that it was an easy trek for them, for a 7 year old.


  2. Using little girls as pawns to cross the border is bad.
    But not as bad as the unnecessary violence happening to little girls and young women when these like brutes successfully cross the border.


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