Hate Hollywood, but I wouldn’t do this to their kids.

Rich People in Hollywood Aren’t Vaccinating Their Children

The wealthy communities of Hollywood aren’t vaccinating their children.  For anything. (from 2014)

Parents are able to exercise this refusal of immunization through PBE—personal belief exemption—forms. The Hollywood Reporter found that in some schools, the rates of PBEs have reached as high as 68%—numbers that fall in line with the immunization rates in developing countries like Chad.

Doctors in the area are understandably concerned and cite the concept of herd immunity as a core reason why vaccinations are necessary.

Underlying the revision of this schedule is a concept known as herd immunity, in which a community is protected against contagion if enough people have been vaccinated. The CDC indicates that herd immunity begins to be seriously compromised for whooping cough and measles when 6 percent or more of the population isn’t properly immunized. And that’s exactly what’s happening on the Westside.

Say Brentwood pediatrician, Dr. Robert Landaw:

“All it takes is one bad epidemic and 90 percent [of skeptics] will change their mind.” Shapiro concurs. “A baby dies of whooping cough in the Palisades?” she says. “Let me tell you, everyone will be immunized. No question.”

And to compound the stupidity, these rich, privileged and ‘beautiful people’ take those vaccinated children to ‘exotic’ countries in Asia and Africa where the general population also has low vaccination rates.   As adults they can do what they want but I wouldn’t wish wants going to happen to anyone’s children.

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