Story about comic books makes a important point.

The market for comic books isn’t anything like it used to be.

I will add some claims made by Diversity & Comics, explaining how and why Marvel Comics decided to set its glide-path towards bankruptcy by pursuing a “phantom audience” of women, soibois, and other people who simply do not read American superhero comics and never will, no matter how many characters you gender-swap or make gay.

He notes that in the old days, people communicated about these interests on message boards. But leftwingers began seeking out moderator positions on these boards, and then would only permit their leftwing friends to become moderators.

Once they were in control of moderation, they began purging every single non-leftwing non-SJW commenter from their sites. Or at least the ones who didn’t learn to be Silent. The ones who had learned to be Silent and accepted the leash of their leftist masters, well, they could stay. As long as they stayed Silent.

Now, why does such a minor thing as comic book message board moderation matters? Well, because at the same time, Social Justice Warriors within the company — hired to appease Social Justice Warrior agitators at Buzzfeed, Jezebel, the Mary Sue, etc. — began agitating to take the company full SJW.

Female Muslim Ms. Marvel (formerly a tall, buxom blonde)

When Marvel started experiencing poor sales, the Social Justice Warriors claimed that turning white characters black, male characters female, and straight characters gay, while filling every story with loads of clumsy, blunt leftwing political messaging, would attract a New, Better, Woker audience and bring sales to new heights.

Now, back to that purge-of-non-SJWs-from-fan-message-boards: When Marvel Comics now looks for evidence about this theory, they naturally look to fan message boards for either support or refutation of the theory. And what do they find there?

Well, now that the only people permitted to comment there at all are all SJWs, they find that the theory seems to have a lot of support behind it. Why look — on all these comic book message boards, everyone’s just ga-ga for more leftwing politics in superhero comic books!

The higher-ups at Marvel Comics don’t know the secret about why these message boards are all Full-On SJW, and the SJWs within the company don’t share that information with them.

So– Marvel Comics decides, hey, we looked at “the data,” and this SJW Plan sure seems viable!

Spoiler alert: It was not in fact viable.

Comic book sales have dropped to a shadow of their former levels.

You may not be interested one way or another about the problems of the comic book industry.  But in microcosm it is a case study of the past success of the progressives to get their way and the present danger from the ‘shadowbanning’ of the conservative voices on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere.

It’s already true the the only ‘News’ you see or heard is the news the progressives want you to hear.  They also already control the book and magazine publishing industries.  Now they are attacking the internet.  They want to own your ears and eyes; picture a boot crushing a human face, forever.

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