The Lament of The Farmer (Go Fornicate Yourself)

Your “industry” built an open, outrageous and notorious FRAUD with Ethanol for fuel. You also managed to get the EPA to shut up about the damage too; they failed to file REQUIRED reports on the ecological impact of same that was written into the RFG law and regs. Well, now it’s out, it’s FOUR YEARS late, and not only does Ethanol production lead to ridiculous amounts of fertilizer run-off and environmental destruction (which would happen with any crop grown that intensively, so perhaps you could be excused there) in addition it increases NOx when burnt in modern engines.

The latter means it creates more smog-forming ozone, not less. Ethanol was a decent idea back when MTBE was discovered to be a massive groundwater problem and engines in cars had carburetors and first-generation, non-closed-loop TBI injection. You can count those engines on the road today in the low single digits; outside of antiques they’re all gone.

Finally, if that’s not enough, it has far fewer BTUs that gasoline so it also damages fuel economy. While the percentage of damage is small (about 2%) extrapolated across all the fuel consumed that’s billions of dollars and millions of tons of additional CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. I happen to not think much of so-called “global warming science” (having more than a bit of knowledge in physics and chemistry) but the economic impact of intentionally damaging fuel economy, never mind the NOx problem which is very real, is another matter entirely.

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