I’m beginning to think that ole Barry didn’t like us.

How Barack Obama’s DACA Encouraged Identity Theft by Illegal Aliens

Most undocumented immigrants try to get fake or stolen Social Security numbers and federal government punished such crime — but that ended in 2012.

…among other things, by ignoring widespread identity theft by illegal aliens and keeping Americans in the dark about being cut off from their Social Security benefits. The findings show how DACA is not the act of benevolence that is portrayed in the media, and has actually caused great harm to American citizens. It simply has to end.

Diving deep into the beginnings of DACA, Jan Ting, a law professor at Temple and former assistant commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), details how the Obama Homeland Security Department (DHS) kept the use of stolen Social Security numbers from being counted against would-be DACA applicants.

As he shows, the promise to forgive the crime, one that is pervasive among illegal aliens, was consciously designed to incentivize DACA-eligible “dreamers” to “come out of the shadows” and apply for the program.

If you are not convinced, in 2012, the SSA discontinued a program that had been informing (legitimate) US citizens of any mismatch of the information being submitted to the governments database; I.E. income not reported by the citizen because it was being earned by an illegal using their SS number.   This program of reporting erroneous information by issuing letters requesting clarification had previous most often been generated by women who changed their name after marriage and neglected to correct that information with the SSA.   That isn’t the case now.

Over the years, however, the vast majority of letter recipients have been illegal aliens. As Ting writes, before DACA, the SSA had estimated that three out of every four illegal aliens possessed a Social Security nunber, which had either been stolen from an American citizen or legal resident or simply made up.

Does this harm actual US citizens?  Since your Social Security benefits can be frozen because of this form of ‘identity theft’ and it can cost thousands of dollars and years to straighten out (if you’re lucky) I’d say so.

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