Do Home Depot and Lowes differ?

Which is better?

Jacob Taylor

I have a fresh and steamy story to tell you about which is better.

I have a week off of work and I’ve been bored around the house so I decided to build a fence partitioning my backyard, with one half being a giant garden. This project was going to cost me around $1,500-$2,000 and I was going to get my supplies at the local Home Depot in Puyallup, Wa.

I walk into Home Depot yesterday and locate all the stuff I’ll need. The next step for me is to think about the best logical way for me to transport all of the goods from the store, to my vehicle, to my house as painlessly as possible.

I’m standing infront of the store trying to work out a plan in my head and after I think of something I say out loud to myself, “They probably don’t sell those.” As I say this, an off going manager stops and asks what I’m talking about. I told him about my plan and how it would work best if I used 3 wooden pallets to stack goods in the bed of my truck and then tie them down. He said, “Man, we have a bunch of those. Go to Recieving and ask so-and-so to load a couple on a cart for you and tell her I said it was okay.”

I thanked him and went back to Recieving. I waved down so-and-so and gave her the spiel. Three fantastic employees found me the best pallets, loaded them, and said that I was all good to go.

I finish all of my shopping. Having everything maticulously loaded on the pallets, I go to the register to pay. The cashier is great as she rings my items up….but then the new oncoming manager walks up.

The conversation goes exactly like this:

Manager: “I can’t let you have these pallets.”

Me: “I figured they wouldn’t be free. How much?”

Manager: I don’t think you understand. These pallets cost $15 but only when something comes on them.”

Me: “Okay, well I’m fine paying the $15 and they’re covered with stuff.”

Manager: “No. Only with things that originally came on the pallets, like cement bags.”

Me: “Nothing was on these pallets, man. Your awesome employees got them from the garbage pile and loaded them onto my cart for me after the other manager gave them the okay.”

ALL THE WHILE the line behind me is huge.

Manager: “I don’t care who loaded them for you or who said it was okay. I’m the manager and I say that you can’t buy these.”

Me: “Look. I’ve loaded about $2,000 of stuff onto these pallets and I’m willing to pay the $15 for them. It was a hassle putting all of this stuff on them. What do you expect me to do?”

Manager: “Unload your items and return the pallets to Recieving.”

Me: (after about 10 seconds of staring into this kid’s soul) “You can kiss my fucking ass.”

And I walked out, vowing never to shop at Home Depot ever again.

Right behind Home Depot is a Lowes, which I’ve never shopped at.

The first thing I see INSTANTLY makes me a lifelong customer there:

So, I park in this amazing spot and ask to see the manager before anything else so I can see if the pallets will be a hassle. She laughs and tells me that she’d be dumb not to GIVE me 3 pallets for all of that stuff and I continue to have an amazing shopping experience. That and what would have cost me $2,000 at Home Depot cost me $1,154.73 at Lowes.

So again, Home Depot can kiss my fucking ass.

John: Home Depot is the company, that about ten years ago, had a CONTRACTOR arrested for shoplifting.  What did he shoplift?  The pencil that he had picked up off the counter to figure out the items and the volume he needed to get for his job.  (about eight thousand dollars worth)  The pencil? About 25 cents.

Stupid, beyond all belief!


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