Personally, I have no dog in this fight…But really?

Belton High School student mad at Patriots for winning Super Bowl threatens to shoot up school

A probable cause statement says Taylor was mad that the Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night, so on Snapchat he threatened to shoot up Belton High School. The court document states he said in part: “Bro i hate the patriots and every fan they have… OMG im f****n pissed. Let it be known im shooting Belton tomorrow or tuesday whenever i go back. Imma find every hoe bragging and blast them.”

Yeah, that sounds like probable cause to me.   At seventeen years of age, I guess that is an example of the writing skills of a HS Junior or Senior in this, our fair country.  Not to mention the level of impulse control.

Here is Jashon’s Facebook page (which no  one has had the brains to take down yet).  Make things much clearer?

Cover Photo, No automatic alt text available.Jashon Taylor's Profile Photo, Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and phone

Betsy DeVos, are you coming?  We need you!

Senate Democrat: ‘Unlikely’ We Will Stop Betsy DeVos Confirmation

Yup! She’s coming…

…on another note.

California educator among 8 teachers suing feds over mandatory union dues

The L.A. Daily News reports:

Eight California teachers filed a federal lawsuit Monday against their school districts and the California Teachers Association, challenging mandatory union membership and the union dues that come with it.

“Our basic goal is to regain our power, our speech and our right to not associate with an organization that harms us and our students,” said Ryan Yohn, 38, lead plaintiff and an eighth-grade American history teacher at Stacey Middle School in the Westminster School District.

More winning is coming.  happy_smiley_face_grin_of_happiness_euphoria_sticker-r8f77f8c626dd4dba932fbe23eb01a6ba_v9waf_8byvr_512

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