Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

A Marine Is Using Hillary’s Email Scandal as Defense After Getting Caught Sending 1 Classified Email

Maj. Jason Brezler has dedicated his life to protecting his fellow Americans — first as a Marine fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now as a Marine reservist and member of the Fire Department of New York.

But despite his service, Brezler was forced out of the Marine Corps in 2015 for sharing one classified email during his 15 years of service.

The Washington Post reports that Brezler was stateside when he sent an email in 2012 warning his deployed colleagues about an Afghan police chief, Sarwar Jan, who worked at their post and was “crooked” and “sexually abused” boys, attaching a classified document including allegations that he was part of the Taliban.

Decision to force out Marine who sent warning ahead of insider attack upheld

From the Washington Post, except they buried the details that linked the case to Hillary Clinton’s email whitewash in the last page…

Brezler’s case first came to light after he sent an e-mail with a couple classified documents attached to Marines in Afghanistan about Jan. Brezler was deployed to Afghanistan from 2009 to 2010, and had worked successfully to have Jan removed from power in another district, Now Zad. Brezler self-reported his spillage of classified information afterward, and the service found that he had been keeping it on an unsecured hard drive.

The Major’s actions were an attempt to save lives and did no harm; Hillary’s actions probably got people killed and were to cover up her criminal enterprises that made tons of money for the Clinton Foundation.

And she dares to say, “What difference does it make?”.



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