Windows 10, X marks the spot.

Consumers erupt on Windows 10: ‘Insidious,’ ‘malware,’ ‘new low’

Web aflame with negative reaction to Microsoft’s new tricks to download software

Consumers are venting their anger  at Microsoft for its new method of getting them to download Windows 10, calling it “insidious,” “malware” and “a new low” in the 24 hours since WND reported it.

The “X” on the Windows 10 promotion box being forced onto computers around the world no longer closes the window and gets rid of the offer.

Instead, it launches the download, forcing computer owners to sit and wait an hour or more for the installation of a software program that some people love but many don’t want, in part because it makes personal files and data available to Microsoft.

I wonder if Alt+F4 still works to close that promotion box?  Everyone knows about that, right? (sometimes it’s good to be old school)…

So I guess MicroSoft really does want everyone to stop downloading any updates or patches from them by making everyone stop trusting MS and all it’s works.

I’m pleased as punch to have been on the cutting edge of this issue…

Windows 10 and GWT

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