Windows 10. Not worth the price at Free. I have an Update! (Feb 26th)

For those who will not read to the end of the ongoing post I’ve been updating since I allowed the notebook to “UPDATE” to Windows 10 last week.   My suggestion at this time?

Don’t do it!

(After rereading these updates I realized I needed to identify which PC I’m talking about; the updated Notebook on Windows 10 or the PC Tower still blissfully at Windows 7. )

Update on Tuesday August 18th

Update on Sunday August 23d

Final Update on Sept 5th.

November 13th…

December 11th…

February 26th  Loss of DVD movie playback.

(Tower on Win7): Microsoft does not want to give you a choice on upgrading to Windows 10.  This is what I’ve found.

A Windows process GWX (stands for Get Windows 10, cute isn’t it?)  is labeled as an important update while in Win7 and is loaded onto your machine (…of course MS doesn’t really believe that it’s your machine, at least that is the way they behave. )

This process does several things; it can download (without asking permission, no matter what your update permissions are set to) the 6Gig Windows Ten upgrade onto a hidden folder on your hard drive, it downloads update KB3035583 onto your computer (which is the process that places a Windows 10 icon on your taskbar and splashes a Nag Window on top of whatever you are doing to nag you into upgrading.),  and if you uninstall the KB3035583 process (as some sites suggest) to remove the annoying nagging then the GWX.exe process immediately downloads it again and it pops up the next time you reboot.

I finally got rid of all of it (I think.) but it took me over two hours of my time.  One little thing that made it difficult was a program called Trusted Installer.  This process ‘owned’ the folder C:\windows\System32\GWX and stopped me from deleting it.  Even though I have Administrator Access on my machine and network.  On the bright side, I’ve learned a lot more about windows security features and operation than I ever knew before.

Since the notebook with Win10 on it is still experiencing issues, mostly a continuing failure to connect to the WiFi network in the house (even with SSID turned off on),  I’m even less interested in ‘upgrading’ to Windows 10 anytime soon (or in my lifetime, the way I’m feeling this morning.)

One last thing, this debacle has caused me to change the update option on my machine from auto-daily to ‘no download’ and notify me first for permission.  My box will no longer be installing the latest MS security updates automatically.  Because that is how they slipped this into my system in the first place.  Is this what MS really wants?  To encourage users to stop updating?  It seems MS never learns because this is the same thing that happened to me with Windows XP many years ago, some penurious bit of software that was very hard to get rid of and afterwards I stopped trusting MS updates and turned it off.

December 11th

(Notebook Win10): Windows update stopped working, apparently this is a common problem.  This means no security or driver updates.  Attempting to get answers on Windows ‘Answers’ page is like talking to Skynet.   After trying (and wasting more time) every suggestion they had it still doesn’t work.  How about holding back some of that money Billy Gates is sending to Africa and hire some actual human beings who know how to communicate with other human beings?  Oh, and hire some engineers and FIX THIS SHIT!

December 23d

(Notebook Win10): I fixed the no update issue.  (Point of interest, I could not find the answer at MicroSoft’s ‘Knowledge Base’.)   Go to Settings; Devices; Printers & Scanners (of all places!).  As the window comes up but (on this screen) below the fold are two new fields; ‘Let Windows manage my default printer’ and (Bingo!) ‘Download over a metered connection’.

What’s a metered connection?  If I were on a cell phone data plan with only a few Gig of data monthly, that might qualify.  But on most devices if on a WiFi connection there is no effective limit.  So this idiotic field is treating all data connections on the PC (or whatever you are running Windows 10 on, a tablet perhaps?) as ‘metered’ and with the default setting of ‘ON’ the updates stop downloading.  So change the setting to ‘OFF’.

So I did that and then allowed the notebook to restart to complete the updates.   And that was it for the notebook for the next hour and a quarter.   The last fifteen minutes was enlivened with some of the stupidest screens I’ve ever read on a computer;


(This for a minute or two)

All your files are exactly where you left them!

(That’s nice.  Why wouldn’t they be still there?  That was actually in question when I allowed the update to proceed?)

We’ve got new features to get excited about! 

(Who do I look like? Mr Data?)

Don’t turn off your PC!

(Why not, I’m not getting to use it very much today.)

 Merry Fucking Christmas and Ho, Ho, Ho!

February 26th: Loss of ability to play DVD disks,  (Yes, really!)   Some people will notice this (depending on upgrade path) some won’t.   But the handwriting is on the wall, Microsoft does not want to support playing movies on DVD  anymore.

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