Amazon, Evil. Part Deux

Amazon Removes Encryption From Its Devices, While Apple Fights To Keep It

While Apple is in the public’s attention right now for fighting against the U.S. government to keep its devices encrypted, Amazon seems to have gone the opposite direction and removed the local storage encryption feature from all of its devices, including the Kindle e-readers, Fire Phone, Fire Tablets, and Fire TV devices.

Amazon’s devices have supported encryption for a while, but starting with Fire OS 5, encryption is not even an option anymore. Therefore, if Amazon devices customers have the encryption enabled when they receive the Fire OS 5 update, it won’t allow the installation to go through until users remove the encryption from their devices. You will instead be greeted with this message:

“Your device has encrypted data.
 However, device encryption is no longer supported in Fire OS 5.
 Follow the steps outlined below to save your data.”

I have a contact and database program running on my home computer, includes some logins.  It came with a App that ran on my Amazon Fire tablet,  useful to be able to carry all my contact info with me.  Then I realized that while the home computer had encryption the old Fire tablet did not, so I removed the program from the tablet since I didn’t want to take that data out of the house if I couldn’t protect it.

I now have a newer Fire HD tablet (bought for my mother to use, that went over like a bag of wet rocks).  I hadn’t yet thought about checking for encryption abilities on the new tablet, now I guess I now know that answer to that question.

But I’m no longer surprised.  Amazon is the company that is eagerly supporting the ‘Nationwide Internet Sales Tax’  simply because they are one of the few that have the computing power to handle the hundreds of different sales tax jurisdictions across the country.  The company that was the first to fold and comply with the demands to ban or eliminate any and all Confederate memorabilia, flags and clothing.   To ‘push’ their Prime Accounts they started deliberately slowing down or delayed shipping on-hand items to ensure nothing non-prime arrived quickly…and so on and so on.etc.

Amazon is Evil!

Dealing with the Terrorist Threat is easy,  put a bullet through their head.  Done!   But the US Government is more of a threat to any and all of us, is more interested in reading our mail, searching our computers and knowing where we are going and what we are doing.  Not just criminals, or the politically active.  All of us.

They can shoot, imprison, bankrupt, in short, destroy anyone they choose.  Don’t think that is a true statement?  Can you envision the possibility that you could piss off Hillary Clinton, anger Al Sharpton, get in the way of Barack Obama?  Might be nice to be able to protect your records, data, and especially contacts from that government at that point.

State and Federal governments and their agencies are becoming Big Brother and Amazon is quite willing to be their quartermaster and spymaster.   And the only use I now have for that Fire Tablet is to check the next days weather and whats on TV tonight.

About On the North River

Forty years toiled in the Tel-com industry, married for 36 years widowed at sixty-one. New girlfriend at sixty-five. Was a Tea Party supporter. Today a follower of the Last American President to be honestly elected, Donald J. Trump.
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2 Responses to Amazon, Evil. Part Deux

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog. Nice! Grew up up in Marshfield, paddled the North River in a canoe a hundred times. Left for college, the army and a girl. Relocated to Florida but come home to see my mom, crazy liberal sister and brother once in awhile. My brother kept his lobster boat in the South River right behind where you took the selfie in your “About” section. He also sank a boat in the channel there when he was a kid. Blocked the channel, the Harbor Master was pissed! I still laugh every time I go to the Bridgeway and look out the window and think about my brother’s boat blocking the channel. Beautiful area, but I don’t know if I could still live in an area with the draconian fire arms laws etc. The south is more to my liking now. Must be lonely being conservative up there.

    Anyway, great blog, and I will be a regular viewer from now on.

    Bill B.
    Tequesta, Florida


    • Believe me it’s getting lonely up here! Most of my conservative friends have left the state, If I hadn’t needed to take care of elderly relatives I’d be out of here too.

      I haven’t been posting as often lately, physical injury has kept me off the water and on the conservative side it gets weary complaining about the same things, time and time again. But this spring I’m feeling better and should break out the cameras again.

      Thanks for visiting.


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