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A Facebook post (that seems to have been taken down) accuses Spirit Airlines of rudeness, disrespect for the military and specifically adding a fee of $55 to hang up a soldiers dress uniform in the cabin. (the fee seems to be published and knowable beforehand, so the issue would be waiving it for an active duty soldier)

The best site to source for this is the page on Snopes (the fact checking site) so I’m copying it here.

Military Dis Account

A Facebook user claimed Spirit Airlines refused to waive a baggage fee for a soldier on leave, after which an airline rep supposedly said the carrier doesn’t “cater to the military.”

spirit airlines john hucul

Claim:  A Spirit Airlines employee was rude to a soldier, charged him for a carry-on bag, and told his father that the airline “doesn’t cater to the military.”


Example: [Collected via Facebook, November 2015]

On 10/16/2015 my son came home from leave from the United States Army, he flew in on American Airlines, he tried to save by flying back on Spirit Airlines ( what a mistake ) when he was going back on 10/19/2015 the ticket agent in Detroit Metro Airport asked him what was in his garment bag he was carrying he replied my army dress blues uniform. The ticket agent informed him he would have to pay 55 dollars to bring it on board. I stepped in and said you are going to charge this kid in the army 55 dollars to bring his army uniform on the plane? HER EXACT WORDS WERE WE DO NOT CATER TO THE MILITARY. My son replied when i fly in on American or Delta they do not charge me, in fact they ask me if they can hang it up for me and tell me thanks for your service and flying with us. I have called Spirit and trying talking with them it’s like talking to a wall. I am fighting this as far as i can go, they have lost fares from everyone in my family and i am sure when this gets out they will lose a lot more from the military that travel their airlines. I hope people reading this will please share it on their face book pages, Thank You , John Hucul

Origins:  On 21 October 2015, Facebook user John Hucul published the above-reproduced comment to a Facebook page called “Spirit Airlines Sucks.” According to Hucul’s account, his son traveled with Spirit Airlines out of Detroit on 16 October 2015 for military leave. Hucul’s (unnamed) serviceman son reportedly encountered an unexpected charge of $55 for a garment bag containing his dress attire and when the elder Hucul complained to the airline, a rep told him Spirit “[does] not cater to the military.”

While “Spirit Airlines Sucks” appeared to be a long-abandoned page created by a once-disgruntled flyer, tens of thousands of users found and shared Hucul’s comment. A number of Facebook users subsequently took to the page to express disapproval with the airline’s actions (as reported by Hucul) even though it was not officially affiliated with Spirit. We found no official Facebook page linked to Spirit Airlines on which the rumor had yet been officially addressed.

Hucul’s comment wasn’t the only social media complaint about Spirit Airlines, military personnel, and bags. Several tweets sent prior to the popular Facebook post referenced the purported policy (or lack thereof):

   (John: there were four ‘tweets’ in the post that I couldn’t transfer)

A page on Spirit Airlines’ web site verifies that the carrier does not offer military discounts (for standard fares):

Q: Does Spirit offer discounts for bereavement, military, children, students, or senior citizens?

A: No, our fares are already very low, and we are unable to offer additional discounts.

We contacted both Spirit Airlines and Hucul in an attempt to verify details of the claim and will update this page if we receive responses.

Last updated: 2 November 2015

Originally published: 2 November 2015



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