Interesting, but is anyone going to do anything about it?

Cooking the Intelligence on ISIS

The Beast (no conservative Koch brothers mouthpiece) is reporting that some 50 intelligence analysts working at the military’s Central Command claim their reports on ISIS are being doctored to fit the Obama party line that we’re winning the fight against ISIS, when we’re not.

My level of surprise on this at about Six (on the Obama Administration sliding scale).  I expected more of the editing out bad words, the rosy re-write (with a pen made from the tip of a Unicorn horn) surprised me a bit.  Not saying can be covered over or excused, but creating fictional reports, or lying as most people would call it,  is gonna come out.

But the same way that a bad little boy will terrorize the room and behave badly when the teacher in the classroom is a bored, disinterested temp who is simply waiting for the bell, so Barack Obama is free to misbehave because the United States Congress squabbles, and waits for the next recess so they can spend full time fund raising.  (modern Polonius: “Son, neither a Republican or a Democrat be...”)

So throw this on the pile of impeachable offenses that no one is acting on.

Of course, we don’t know if these analysts aren’t all just disgruntled employees looking for some attention; but 50 of them? Certainly the fact that the case has come to the attention of the IG means someone in the Pentagon is taking it very seriously.
So here’s what Congress needs to do. It needs to call for an immediate investigation of whether the Obama administration has manipulated and cherry-picked intelligence regarding ISIS in order to cover up a failed policy in Iraq and Syria, and to avoid having to take responsibility for allowing ISIS—Obama’s “junior varsity” terrorists—to take root and grow into the most serious threat to stability in the Middle East since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Emphasis added.  Frankly if (to this day) Congress has done nothing about Benghazi when American lives were lost by the Obama Administration then I have no expectation that anything will be done about this.   But if one American life is lost as a direct result of this criminal doctoring of the intelligence reports then Barack Hussein Obama is a murderer and should be punished as he deserves.



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